You Don't Know Jack Volume 2

PC/MS-Windows CD published 28 years ago by Berkeley Systems, Inc.

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You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 © 1996 Berkeley Systems, Inc.

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Producer: Martin Streicher
Art Director: Mark Gibson
Technical Director: Tom Conrad
Game Software Engineering: Tom Conrad, Craig Sterry
Animation and Font Technology: Tom Wuttke
Macintosh Animation and Font Technology: Howard Fukuda
Game Animation: Tim Sniffen
Additional Animation: Lou Bustamante, Stephen Ekstrom, Ian Gallacher, Mark Gibson
Art Production: Lou Bustamante, Steven Donatelli, Craig Foster, Sinem Hakman, Scott Hammond, Adam LaBarge, Liz Newell, Kim Payne, Naomi Quinones, Tim Sniffen, Laura Tullio
Sound Guru: P. J. Sonnichsen
Additional Software Engineering: John Endres, Howard Fukuda, Ando Sonenblick, Martin Streicher, Tom Wuttke
SQA Lead: Gretchen Zimmerman
SQA Staff: Deborah Bobrow, Tracy Edgecomb, Cliff Gower, Jim Nemerovski, Mari Thomas, Rich Young
Executive Producer: Igor Gasowski
Vice President, Engineering: Douglas Scott Kay
Product Marketing Manager: Julie Tarlton
Package Design: Rod DeWeese, Shelby Drayton, Mark Gibson, Jennifer McVeigh, Mic, Julie Tarlton
User Manual: Jeffrey Adam Young
Editing: Lydia Ely
Customer Support Representatives: Renne Carrasco, Shannon Coulter
Special Thanks To: Norman Becker, Greg Boisinga, Wes Boyd, Jane Chinn, Jeff Csernica, Dan Simon, Roy Gottlieb, Terry Hackett, Yvonne Houghtaling, Michele Lindzy, Mark Mensch, Brigid Monaghan, Leslie Mullens, Carrie Olson, P. J. Sonnichsen, Diane Stonebraker, Kory Stradinger, Caryn Straus, Larry Straus, Traci Todd, Antonio Tomasello, Julie Wainwright, Christopher York
Director & Producer for Jellyvision: John Boyden
Head Writer & Senior Editor: Brian Chard
Host: Peter B. Spector
Lead Creative Media Producer: Michelle Gorchow
Creative Media Producers: David Houghtaling, Andy Poland
Lead Writers: Ali Davis, Michelle Gorchow, Tom Gottlieb, David Houghtaling, David Nathanielsz, Andy Poland
Senior Writers: Sean Abley, Mary Garvey, Joel Husenits, Phil Ridarelli
Musical Director: Kevin Quinn
Production Coordinator: Dan Fiden
Celebrity Collect Call Producer: Michelle Gorchow
Celebrity Collect Call Associate Producer: Andy Poland
Backstage Intro Editing: Brian Chard, Michelle Gorchow, Andy Poland
Question Segues Producers: John Boyden, Andy Poland
Sound Effects: Brian Chard, Michelle Gorchow, David Houghtaling, Andy Poland
Commercial Production: Sean Abley, Brian Chard, Ali Davis, Mary Garvey, Michelle Gorchow, Tom Gottlieb, David Houghtaling, Joel Husenits, David Nathanielsz, Andy Poland, Phil Ridarelli
Director of Audience Information Services: Melissa Aleman
Interactive Writing & Audio Tools Programmer: Edward Lott
Jellyvision SQA Coordinator: Kate True
Lead Contributing Writers: Doug Armstrong, Shawn Brennan, Jordan Fields, Scott Fields, Rebecca Gilman, Peter Gwinn, Jeffery Laird, Monica Payne, Marta Segal, Steve Tompkins, Bill Wallace, David Wulatin
Contributing Writers: Joe Janes, Tim Sniffen, Jamie Vann, John Wodynski
Jellyvision Media Management: Lisa Helfer
Jellyvision Administration: Lena Chern, Kate True
Jellyvision Tech Guru: Gabe Val
Singers: Phoebe Fuller, Rebecca Kaufman, Larry King, Pamela Rose
Celebrity Talent Coordinator: Colleen Raleigh-Milott
Sound Technicians: Dan Fiden, Lisa Helfer, Carl Miller, P. J. Sonnichsen, John Wodynski
Director, Jellyvision Writers' Mentor Program: Tom Gottlieb
FunkMaster Evolution Directed by: John Boyden
FunkMaster Created & Originally Programmed by: Harry Gottlieb
Celebrity Guest Appearances: Tim Allen, Kevin Bacon, Milton Berle, Nell Carter, Dana Carvey, Phyllis Diller, Griffin Dunne, Erik Estrada, Mick Fleetwood, Florence Henderson, Theodor Lange, Ed McMahon, Dennis Miller, Charles Nelson Reilly, Carl Reiner, Lauren Tewes, Vanessa Williams
Voiceover Actors: Sean Abley (as "Gordy"), Brian Chard (as "Ray"), Lena Chern (as "Lina"), Ali Davis (as "Caryn"), Mary Garvey (as "Justine"), Michelle Gorchow (as "Helen"), Tom Gottlieb (as "Cookie"), Patrick Heupel (as "Pat"), David Houghtaling (as "Dayve"), Joel Husenits (as "Joel"), Joe Janes (as "Dr. Bob"), David Nathanielsz (as "Clark"), Andy Poland (as "Old Man"), Phil Ridarelli (as "Schmitty"), Marta Segal (as "Marta"), Jamie Vann (as "Jamie"), John Wodynski (as "Woody")
Conceived and Executive Produced by: Harry Gottlieb


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