Yellow River

A 15-year-old Slot Machine by Octavian Italy srl

Not emulated in MAME


Yellow River © 2003 Octavian.

A 5-reel 5-line video slot.


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* Scatter : If 3 or more 'bottle' symbols appear in any position, select one, and it will reveal your win.

* Cotton Bales Bonus : When 'bale' and 'beret' symbols appear on an active line, the seaman drops the bale in the hold and it increments the BALES meter. When seven or more 'bales' are collected select one hold and get a prize for the cargo. The prize amount will be multiplied by the line bet.
Note : 'Bales' are accumulated separately for each line bet value.

* Wheel Bonus : If 5 'Wheel Bonus' symbols appear in any position, select one and it will reveal the number of spins the steamer will turn. Start the wheel in motion by the Spin button. Air bubbles with figures inside will go up and stick to the wheel. The figure that will be at the top when the wheel stops is your win.

* Pearl Bonus : Three 'Pearl Bonus' symbols landed on the central line start the bonus game.
Select a red shell from the bottom row and it will reveal your prize. If its color matches the color of the Neptune’s pearl, you get the prizes from the whole row. Select shells from other two rows and then spin the Neptune’s wheel. When the wheel stops you may get :
STEP BACK – select a shell from the third row and spin the wheel once more. The previous win will be added;
x BOTTOM ROW – select a multiplier for the bottom row win;
x CENTRAL ROW – select a multiplier for the second row win;
x TOP ROW – select a multiplier for the third row win.
The multipliers are selected by opening the respective black shells. The bonus game ends if a multiplier is selected or the Collect sector occurs.