Xtreme Rally Racing [Twin model]

Arcade Video game published 14 years ago by NanoTech Ent., Inc.

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Xtreme Rally Racing © 2009 NanoTech Entertainment, Incorporated.

Xtreme Rally Racing is an innovative new driving machine that features three modes of game play:

- Xtreme Off-Road: Race Head to Head against other players and the computer to checkpoints while driving anywhere on the map with no preset course.

- Timed Rally Stages: Classic Rally Racing on real world courses. Race in five different countries on real world rally courses.

- Xtreme Stadium Racing: Custom Stadiums designed for Xtreme racing including a figure 8 multi-lap course with huge jumps.

- NanoNET Online System: Local and Worldwide Head to Head competition in real time against machines located around the world. Remote Operator Control of your machines including diagnostics, accounting reports, and automatic software updates & enhancements downloaded over the net. Link up to 4 Cabinets for local multiplayer action.

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