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WWF War Zone [Model NUS-NWWE-USA]

Nintendo 64 cart. published 26 years ago by Acclaim Ent., Inc.

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WWF War Zone [Model NUS-NWWE-USA] screenshot

WWF War Zone © 1998 Acclaim Entertainment, Incorporated.

DUCK!!! There's a 300 pound wrestler about to pound your head into the living room carpet! In Acclaim's power-packed World Wrestling Federation: War Zone, there's enough flying flesh to make a vegetarian turn green. Eighteen of the league's biggest brawlers show up for the battle, and you're in control! Challenge the Undertaker to a cage match, or smack Steve Austin with a steel chair. Better yet, choose from hundreds of options to create your own custom wrestler. Lace up your boots and tighten those trunks. Slap on the grease, and prepare for War.

Acclaim's staff had the guts to work closely with the tough guys of the World Wrestling Federation, which has resulted in a very realistic Game Pak. Wrestling auteur Vince McMahon and Jim Ross provide the play-by-play, so expect some sarcastic insults if your skills aren't sharpened. The wrestlers themselves stepped into the sound studio to provide grunts, taunts, and groans of agony. It wasn't hard to get the wrestlers to groan, because Acclaim motion-captured more than 300 of the meanest moves in the league. Before the big guys could head home, Acclaim made sure that you would be able to recognize the wrestlers by scanning a photo of each man's face. Now that's realism.

You won't have time to drool over the authentic character graphics, because you'll be more concerned with avoiding Ken Shamrock's flying elbow smash. War Zone gives players many different ways to recreate World Wrestling Federation drama, from tournament action to cage matches. If you see it on "Raw", then you'll see it in this game. Four player capabilities allow you and your friends to take on tag team matches, and if you have the endurance then you can enter the Royal Rumble. Is there a wrestler out there you really dislike? Challenge him to a Weapons match and then smash him with a folding chair, or crash a television over his head. OUCH!!

One of our favorite features of this game is the Create mode, where you can give birth to your very own World Wrestling Federation Superstar. It is obvious that the developers spent a lot of time on this feature, because the possibilities are virtually endless. Every element of the wrestler is adjustable, right down to the amount of hair on the wrestler's back. SICK!!

From skinny purple aliens to mammoth tattooed bullies, anything is possible. You can name the wrestler whatever you like, and customize the wrestler's attributes as well. All of this information is saved onto the Controller Pak, so you can take your wrestler to wage war at a friend's house.

Whether you're piledriving Goldust or pinning Shawn Michaels, World Wrestling Federation: War Zone delivers action-packed wrestling mayhem that will have you leaping off your couch.


Cartridge ID: NUS-NWWE-USA


Released on Aug 11, 1998 in USA.


Producer: Mike Archer
Project Manager: Vince Bracken
Game Design: Tim Huntsman, Clark Westerman, Richard Reagan, Troy Leavitt, Jeff Robinson, James Daly
Programming Team: Justin Towns, Robert Brannon, Daren Smith, Rob Nelson, Scott Pugh, Jeremy Howa, Altair S. Lane, Sean Igo, Chris Braymen, Bruce Gifford, Omar Canon
Engine Programming: John Lund
Sound Team: Dean Morrell (All Night), Mark Ganus, Roy Wilkins, Bob Dayley
Art Lead: Jane Bradley
3D Modelers: Daniel W. Whittington, Paul Boyle, Tommy Hudson, Gavin Evertsen, Greg Alden Davis
Motion Editors: Jonathan Dansie, Cy Toland, Cameron Burnett, Josh Goodale, Kent Barney
Artists: David Christenson, Chris Hawkes, David Butters, Lee Phung, Chad Lee
Video Editing: Wayne Tyler
QA Manager: Gary Rowberry
QA Lead: Todd Dowd
QA Team: Jeff Robinson, Preston Whitney (Scoops), Ryan McBride, Gregory Murphy, Tom Wahlin, John Paulson, Anthony Black, John Sensiba, TL Shelton, Ian Morris, Jeff Byers, Tristan Bracken, Jordan Howa, Max Bracken, Brian Davies

Relations: Bob Tembello, Jeremy Schwartz, Rod Cousens, James Herzner, Jeffrey Gibson
Motion Technology: Mark Schafer, Bob Davidsen
Motion Capture: Andy Acquilino, Cynthia D'Ambrosio, Sharon Dougherty, Phil Grunfelder, Chuck Mongelli, Rich Nelson, Keith Robinson, Nicole Scharff, Brian Windsor
QA Manager: Carol Caracciolo
QA Supervisors: Jeff Rosa, Dale Taylor
Senior Lead Analysts: James Craddock, Mike Patterson
Lead Analysts: Brian Regan, Eric Hendrickson
Game Analysts: Bonchi Martinez, Mike Sterzel, Matthew McEnerney, John Cyriaque
QA Team: Rich Gomer, David Campbell, Jeremy Pope, Paul DiCarlo, Mark Garone, Pharoah Sample, Phyllip Merisier, Daniel Badilla, Russel Ballenger, Christine Jean, Stacy Brickel, Andy Basile, Joseph Greene, Bill Handworth, Jerry Bazigos, Rick Burlew, Chris Sloan
Special Thanks: Jeff Robinson (The Trainer), Dr. Tom Pritchard, Pete Polacco, Matt Miller, Vince Russo, Jay Andronaco, Chris Argento, Mike Foley, George Germanakos, Derek Phillips, Ann Russo, Debbie Bonnanzio, Bonnie Bonnanzio, Jim Bell, Bill Banks, John Kilbourn, James Dunn, Debbie Diraison, Nicoli Ruisi
And a special kumbayah to: Pepe Suarez (for the Pool Table)


Game's ROM.