WWF Superstars [Model DMG-LW-FAH]

The Nintendo Game Boy Game by LJN, Ltd.

Not emulated in MAME


[HANDHELD] Nintendo Game Boy Game

WWF Superstars © 1991 LJN, Limited.


Cartridge ID: DMG-LW-FAH


Developed by Rare Ltd.

This game features the following 5 WWF superstars:
• The Ultimate Warrior (Real Name: James Hellwig)
• Hulk Hogan (Real Name: Terry Bollea)
• Macho Man Randy Savage (Real Name: Randy Poffo). As for the reason why Macho Man is known as 'Macho King' in the game, it is a reference to Savage adopting the moniker after defeating Jim Duggan for the King of the Ring title in 1989
• 'The Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase (Real Name: Ted DiBiase)
• Mr. Perfect (Real Name: Curt Hennig)

france July 1992 - Joypad N.10: 87/100

Game's ROM.

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