Wrestling Universe - Fire Pro Joshi - Dome Choujo Taisen - WOWOW vs. JWP [Model HMCD-4008]

A 23-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD Game by Human Ent.

Wrestling Universe - Fire Pro Joshi - Dome Choujo Taisen - WOWOW vs. JWP [Model HMCD-4008] screenshot

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Wrestling Universe ファイプロ女子 憧夢超女大戦 全女vsJWP © 1995 Human Entertainment.

(Wrestling Universe - Fire Pro Joshi - Dome Choujo Taisen - WOWOW vs. JWP)

It's the Dome Super Female Big Battle!

All Japan Women Vs. JWP


Game ID: HMCD-4008
Barcode: 4959143200081

Players: 4
Control: 8-Way Joystick
Buttons: 2
=> [II] Weak strike/grapple, [I] Medium strike/grapple, [Run] Strong strike/grapple


Released on Feb, 03. 1995 in Japan.

The game's title translates to Wrestling Universe: Fire Pro Women: Dome Super Female Big Battle: All Japan Women Vs. JWP.

It's an updated re-release of Fire Pro Joshi - All Star Dream Slam (which was released to the Super Famicom in 1994) that replaces the Battle Royal mode with a Wrestler Edit mode, also featuring the licensed likeness of the following 8 JWP wrestlers:

Devil Masami
Dynamite Kansai
Mayumi Ozaki
Cuty Suzuki
Plum Mariko
Hikari Fukuoka
Candy Okutso
Bolshoi Kid

The following wrestlers can be discovered in the Wrestler Edit mode and can only be made playable if created by the player (up to six wrestlers can be saved):

Shinobu Kandori
Eagle Sawai
Harley Saito
Noriyo Tateno
Megumi Kudo
Combat Toyoda
Infernal KAORU
Blizzard YUKI
Command Bolshoi
Super Heel Devil Masami

Debbie Malenko is the only wrestler from the original Super Famicom game that does not return.


In the options screen, set the BGM, SE or Voice to one of the following numbers. Exit the options menu and start the game to see each of the changes:

Set SE to 03 and Voice to 05 to enable the hidden characters in the Edit boxes of the character select screen. Five out of the six Edit slots will contain the following:

Slot 1: Gold Woman (Bison Kimura)
Slot 2: Silver Woman (Lioness Asuka)
Slot 3: Lapis lazuli Woman (Yasha Kurenai)
Slot 4: Emerald Woman (KAORU)
Slot 5: Ruby Woman (Reina Jubuki)

Set the BGM to 02 for a masked referee.

Set the BGM to 03 for a female referee.


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