Worm War I [Model 11001]

Atari 2600 cart. published 39 years ago by Fox Video Games, Inc.

Worm War I [Model 11001] screenshot

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Worm War I (c) 1982 20th Century Fox.

Your mission, as a master tank commander, is to drive through the city of Teriyaki and blast away as many Worms and Blocks as possible without running out of fuel.

Use the Game Select lever to choose a play option at any time during the game.

OPTION 1: The 'Obstacle Course' begins with side Wall Segments and a clear playing screen. Obstacles appear after the first group of Worms are demolished and grow denser with each round.
OPTION 2: The 'Straightaway' maintains a clear playing screen.
OPTION 3: 'Invisible Worms' uses the Option 1 playing screen, but Worms are only visible during brief flashes that light up the screen.

In the cooperative options, the two tank drivers SHARE fuel and points.
OPTION 4 uses the same screen as in Option 1.
OPTION 5 uses the same screen as in Option 2.
OPTION 6 uses the same screen as in Option 3.

In the competitive options, each tank driver has a separate fuel and score tally.
OPTION 7 uses the same screen as in Options 1 and 4.
OPTION 8 uses the same screen as in Options 2 and 5.
OPTION 9 uses the same screen as in Options 3 and 6.


Model 11001


The more Worms you rack up, the higher your score. The Worms will always attack in groups. Each group begins with the appearance of one Worm on the screen, then two Worms and then three on up to six Worms at once! You earn 20 points for each Worm shot in the first attack group. The Worm point value increases AND bonus points are awarded after every group is destroyed.

You can also get points for blasting down obstacle Blocks. Blocks are always worth 5 points a piece. Be sure to record your high scores on the back of this folder!



To avoid being totally clobbered by hordes of Worms, pull back on the stick whenever a new group is appearing.

If a fuel Pagoda appears on top of a block, carefully shoot away the block, or try just to nick the Pagoda.

When you are refueling, you are safe from collisions. Use this to move over inconvenient Blocks.

The far left and right sides of the screen are safe spots, but don't hang there too long. If you don't shoot Worms, you won't bring on any Pagodas.

Have a good time and show those Worms who's boss.


Designed by Sirius Software.

Programmer: David Lubar


Game's ROM.