World Tour Racing [Model JA152]

Atari Jaguar CD published 24 years ago by Telegames, Inc.

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World Tour Racing © 1997 Telegames, Inc.

World Tour Racing is the first Grand Prix style racing game for Jaguar. Select your racer, customize its features, choose your race length, and set off to conquer the international racing world. Three different racing modes (single race, championship, & arcade) really put you in the driver's seat.

Experience split screen, head 2 head competition in two player mode. The multitude of features makes each race a new experience!

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Released in May 1997.


Programming: Lee Briggs
Graphics: Fad
Additional Graphics: Anthony Hager
Music: Stephen Morgan
SFX: Stephen Morgan
Track Design: Adam Shaikh
Rendered Graphics: Kevin Duffy, Ian Inniss
Playtesting: Jeremy Cooke, Mitch Phillips, Colin Hughes, Justin Dowling, Grant Collier, Hank Cappa, William Woods
With Thanks To: Barry Costas, Vince Zampella
Producer: Tony Love


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