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World Tour Golf [Model 1253]

Commodore C64 disk published 37 years ago by Electronic Arts

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World Tour Golf © 1987 Electronic Arts.

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GAME ID: 1253
BARCODE: 0 14633 01253 8


Released in April 1987 in the USA.


By: Evan Robinson (Robinson), Nicky Robinson (Robinson), Paul Reiche III (Reiche)
Game Concept, Design: Evan Robinson, Nicky Robinson, Paul Reiche III
Graphics Routines: Dan Silva
Original Music: Tommy V. Dunbar
Sound Effects and Aural Programming: David Warhol
Producer: David Grady
Package Photography: Steven Unze

The artists would like to thank the many people who made this game a reality: Dan Silva (for being our Graphics Wizard On Call), J. David Koch, Roland Kippenhan III, Shelley M. Day, Jeff Johannigman
and many others at Electronic Arts for all their crazy notions, particularly the one that World Tour Golf was actually a game: Laurie Reiche, Georgie Feltz, Mark Dietz, Bonnie Dietz, Diane Ascher, Robert Leyland
For a vast amount of support and the willingness to see us through yet another game in the future: Ron Hoyt
and Indian Valley Golf Course – Novato; California – for teaching us that golf is fun – even out of the rough.


Game's tape.