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World Poker Tour [Model I-0088]

Pinball published 18 years ago by Stern Pinball, Inc.

Listed in MAME

World Poker Tour © 2006 Stern Pinball.

Shoot the ramps to collect the FLOP, TURN and RIVER (when lit) to advance in WPT events .

Shoot drop targets to Light Poker Hands (one pair, three of a kind, etc.).

Hit the bars on upper playfield to raise them. Shoot into hole to lock ball. After ball is locked, hit captive ball to start Multiball.

Shoot the LIGHT LOCK target on lower playfield to light green LOCK arrows. Lock 3 Balls to start Multiball.

Win cities/countries to light Extra Ball.


GAME ID: I-0088

Stern S.A.M. System

Main CPU: Atmel AT91

This is Stern's first game to use the S.A.M. System.


World Poker Tour was released in January 2006.

Features voice commentary by WPT commentators, Vince Van Patten, Mike Sexton and Courtney Friel.

The faces in the mode 'Spot the Tell' are all Stern employees including Gary Stern, Lyman Sheats and Keith Johnson.


REVISION 1.03 - 2006

REVISION 1.05 - 15-Feb-2006
WPT changes :
- Lots of speech and sound effects added.
- Lots of lamp effects added.
- All-In Total display fixed.
- Fixed autoplunger and trough serving balls while a ball was in the launch vuk.
- Mystery award display looks much better.
- Triple scoring now doesn't restart while it's already running.
- Triple scoring lamp effect added.
- Most adjustments now implemented.
- Some frankensteined speech length fixed.
- Added hands, cities, trophies, and championships to bonus.
- Properly chalk Ace in the Hole audits now.
- Properly chalk No Limit Multiball points now.
System changes :
- Cleaned up the tournament mode attract mode display effects for the current leaders.
- Bump 'n' win score is now calculated correctly, at the proper times.
- Fixed some bugs with tournament. The start button was not accepting characters for tournament HSTD entry. Regular HSTD was accepting initials and awarding credits after the tournament initials had been entered. 2 of the tournament screens were not showing the correct positions. The score copier was copying (bumping down) too many scores. These have all been corrected.
- Added confirmation screens to 'start tournament' and 'stop tournament'.
- Added prize pool to attract mode.

REVISION 1.06 - 17-Feb-2006
WPT changes :
- Some Instant Info stuff added.
System changes :
- Fixed a problem with detecting the state of 50V/20V. The detection was not synced with zero cross, which it needs to be. This has been corrected.
- Setting the clock now does not screw up the stop time for a tournament that is already in progress.
- If the clock was set to a date/time that was very close to the maximum date/time (i.e. Dec. 31, 2105) and then a tournament was started, the computation that was being carried out to check for stopping the tournament would never test true for the case when the clock wrapped back to the reference date. This has been corrected.

REVISION 1.07 - 28-Feb-2006
WPT changes
- Some overlapping text fixed.
- Instant Info mostly done.
- Added Feature Adjustment #34 (Flop and Turn Posts). Can be set to Yes/No, defaults to Yes. Determines if the ramp posts engage when the player shoots for either a Flop award or a Turn award. The posts will always stop the ball for a non-multiball River award.
- Added Feature Adjustment #35 (Multiball Posts). Can be set to Yes/No, defaults to Yes. Determines if the ramp posts engage when the player makes any ramp shot during multiball. The ball is simply held for a few seconds to keep it out of the way.
System changes :
- Grand champion and HSTD effects are now only shown every 5th time through the attract mode when a tournament is running.
- Added some animating borders to the attract mode tournament effects.
- Added a display effect to the attract mode to display the amount of time left in a tournament.
- Endgame effects now wait forever to be requested, such that if test mode is running, we will pick up where we left off.
- Fixed a bug with tournament start. If the game was set up and NOT running a tournament, then the tournament start button could be used to start a normal game (at twice the cost.) This has been corrected.
- Implemented the GAME RESTART adjustment.
- Changed some marquees for tournament.
- Cleaned up country settings for tournament.
- Changed 'quick-start' tournament duration from 28 days to 27 days.
- If test mode ends unexpectedly, the game now recovers gracefully.
- Cleaned up tournament 'QUICK START'. Duration now allows for the modification of hours and minutes. The prize pool increment can also now be modified.
- Hooked in all countries (currencies), U.K. and SPAIN are disabled.
- Fixed a bug where if a tournament ended while a player was playing a tournament game, then the player would not get credit for any HSTD awards for the tournament.
- Test mode does not interfere with game modes now.
- Fixed MANY bugs with HSTD.

REVISION 1.08 - 03-Mar-2006
WPT changes :
- Instant Info cleaned up a bit.
- Keefer Invitational qualifying work added.
System changes :
- Tournament start button was ALWAYS requesting the 'insert coins' display effect with insufficient credits, even if a tournament was not running. This has been corrected.
- Fixed some problems with processing the start buttons when free play was set. If FREE PLAY was set, the start buttons would not start a game unless there were sufficient credits. This has been corrected. In addition, the 'INSERT COINS' display effects were not being properly requested when the start buttons were pressed with insufficient credits. This has also been corrected.
- Custom pricing credits now cap at 10 credits per entry in the custom credit pricing table.
- Fixed a bug in the custom pricing display that showing bad information at the end of the pricing table.
- Added a display for the bump 'n' win score to beat at the start of a bump 'n' win tournament game.
- U.K. 2 pricing table changed to be 4/1.00 GBP.
- Fixed a bug with 5 dollar bills inserted into a dollar bill validator missing some of the pulses resulting in too few credits awarded to the player.
- Users' place in the pricing table is now reset when the game pricing adjustment is changed. This keeps the index in range for the cases where the new pricing has fewer table entries than the old pricing.
- Custom pricing is now fully implemented.
- Implemented the TIMED PLUNGER adjustment.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the autolaunch coil to fire even if balls were not physically being served to the shooter lane.

REVISION 1.09 - 14-Mar-2006
WPT changes :
- Slam tilt works now.
- Fixed unending Poker Wizard mode.
- Fixed bad interactions of Poker Wizard and other stuff.
- Vastly improved Poker Wizard choreography.
- Fixed resetting of modes after Poker Wizard.
- Increased volume of WPT Theme music.
- Keefer Invitational fully functional.
- Fixed Super Trick not awarding an extra ball.
- Fixed Feature Adjustment #7 (First Hard Super Trick) which wasn't working properly.
- Added Feature Adjustment #8 (Combo Extra Ball Memory). Can be set to Yes/No, defaults to No. Determines if extra balls lit from Super Trick stay lit at the start of the next ball.
- Ace in the Hole multiball changed. Now, bar and ball hits score jackpots, and ramp jackpots spot bar and ball hits. Jackpots score a little more after balls are released as well.
System changes :
- Implemented the 'KNOCKER VOLUME' adjustment.
- Tournament 'top scores win' message now not displayed if the tournament prize is set to 'none'.
- Fixed a typo with the CANADA 1 pricing.
- Implemented a ceiling on the bump 'n' win value when the highest score is less than the base value plus the range.
- Added USA 10 pricing. The door is the same as all of the other USA pricings, and the credit pricing is 1/$0.75, 2/$1.50, 3/$2.00.
- Fixed a bug in generating a new bump 'n' win score for tournament.
- Added Canada 2 pricing. The door is $1/$1/$2/$2/$0 (l/c/r/4/5), and the credit pricing is 1/$1.00, 3/$2.00.
- Tilt and slam tilt now silence all sounds.
- Slam tilt now turns off all lights.
- Fixed a bug with tournament. The default stop date was being set one day too early, at midnight. This has been corrected (to 11:59:59PM).
- Fixed another bug with tournament. The bump 'n' win score was being compared to the high score, and not the highest bump 'n' win score. This has been corrected.
- Fixed another bug with tournament. The bump 'n' win score was not being set correctly. This has been corrected.
- Tournament prize pool and winners now honor the 'tournament award' and 'show player cash' settings.
- Tournament prize pool increment now correctly enforces the maximum prize pool amount.
- Made a first-pass at an implementation of custom tournament.
- Coin switches are now ignored during a slam tilt.
- Changed the way the slam tilt switch settling is handled. We want to see a second and a half of inactivity on the slam tilt switch before we reboot the game.
- Added a feedback screen for setting custom pricing.
- Shortened the delay time for all of the confirmation screens.

REVISION 1.11 - 09-Aug-2006
WPT Changes :
- Implemented all installs (extra easy, easy, medium, hard, extra hard, 3-ball, 5-ball, director's cut).
- Fixed a bug that would cause problems with lighting No-Limit Multiball at higher difficulty levels.
- Support for multiple languages added.
- Added Feature Adjustment #35 : Consolation All-In. If a game is going poorly, then All-In multiball will be awarded from Mystery. Can be set to YES or NO, default is YES. The installs set this adjustment accordingly : XE=yes, E=yes, M=yes, H=no, XH=no, 3B=yes, 5B=yes.
- Implemented Feature Adjustment #20 : All-In MB Diff. Controls how many points the player must build up the main pot to before All-In Multiball begins. Can be set EXTRA EASY through EXTRA HARD. The difficulty increases after each All-In Multiball. EXTRA EASY sets the main pot needed to 500K; EASY = 750K; MEDIUM = 1M; HARD = 1.25M; EXTRA HARD = 1.5M; subsequent pot values go up 500K until maxing at 5M. The installs set this adjustment accordingly : XE=XE, E=E, M=E, H=M, XH=H, 3B=E, 5B=M.
- Stopped queued repeated display effects from showing up multiple times.
- Fixed a bug that made lighting Ace in the Hole lock slightly easier.
- Fixed Steal the Blinds not awarding a trophy properly.
- Added music, speech, and sound effects for HSTD.
- Added music, speech, and lightshow for Game Over.
- Mode intros now explain their rules better after you've won a trophy.
- Mode background effects now explain their goals better.
- You can now accelerate the bonus effect.
- You can now blowoff the mode intros and Texas Holdem deals.
- Added Feature Adjustment #5 : Ace/Hole Availability. Controls when you can reenable the Ace in the Hole lock. Can be set EXTRA EASY through EXTRA HARD. EXTRA EASY means Ace in the Hole is always available. EASY means you must complete a poker hand after AITH ends in order to reenable the bars. MEDIUM means you must start a Poker Corner mode after playing AITH to reenable. HARD means you must start another multiball after AITH ends. EXTRA HARD means you must complete a city after AITH ends. The installs set this adjustment accordingly : XE=XE, E=E, M=M, H=H, XH=XH, 3B=M, 5B=H.
- Added display effects for extra ball and special points awards.
- Added attract mode flipper speech.
- Implemented Double Hurryup mystery award (available from both Skill Shot and Cut the Cards).
- Fixed a bug that wouldn't finish speech correctly for Texas Holdem if you made 4 of a kind.
- Hurryup will now not end as soon as you lose a ball off the upper playfield during multiball; it will keep on going until it expires normally.
- Hurryup now awarded during single ball play if the right pop bumper is hit.
- Fixed Poker Corner and individual mode starts that would sometimes show plain text.
- Implemented Increase Chip Trick Value mystery award (available from both Skill Shot and Cut the Cards).
- Fixed a bug in Change Gears that would cause Gears to change very quickly if it was started more than once on the same ball.
- Fixed a bug where All-In multiball wouldn't start if the Main Pot value started at or above the threshhold for going All-In.
- Chip Trick timers now correctly pause when the ramp posts are engaged.
- Courtney now tells you when a trophy is earned.
- Extra Ball score set to 5M.
- Special score set to 2.5M.
- Fixed Aruba animation not animating.
- Added Poker Card Display effects for AITH and NLMB jackpots.
- Added speech for warnings and tilt.
- Drop target scoring potential increased.
- Drop targets now spotted corrently for Poker Hands when the game can't reset the targets properly.
- If the left orbit gate is removed from the game, chip tricks now light/resume when full right orbits are made.
- Fixed a situation where drop targets that didn't fully reset but partially reset would cause balls to be auto-launched at ball start.
- Competition mode properly implemented. When turned on, this has the following effects on game play :
1) Hole card bonus points are not awarded.
2) Texas Holdem hands are always awarded in the following order (HC=high card, 1P=1 pair, 2P=2 pair, 3K=3 of a kind, ST=striaght, FL=flush, FH=full house, 4K=4 of a kind, SF=straight flush, RF=royal flush):
- 1P, 2P, 3K, 1P, HC, 1P, FH, 2P, ST, 1P,
- FL, 2P, 1P, 3K, 4K, HC, 1P, 2P, ST, 1P,
- FL, 2P, 1P, FH, 3K, HC, 1P, 2P, ST, 1P,
- FL, 2P, 1P, 3K, SF, HC, 1P, 2P, ST, 1P,
- FH, FL, 2P, 1P, 3K, HC, 1P, 2P, ST, RF
3) Your hand type will not improve after the flop. Therefore, if you can't remember the hand type order in the table above, you'll still have ample opportunity to act on a high-value hand.
4) Hold awards are given in the following order :
- Hold bumper value
- Hold chip trick value
- Hold drop value
- Hold side pot
- Hold main pot
- Hold bonus
- Hold bonus x
5) Value increase awards are given in the following order (values shown are for Cut the Cards/Skill Shot, and will be reduced if the increase would go above the item's maximum value):
- Increase bumper value (2,500/1,500)
- Increase drop value (25,000/15,000)
- Increase side pot (250,000/150,000)
- Increase chip trick value (125,000/75,000)
- Increase bonus x (5x/3x)
- Increase bonus (250,000/150,000)
6) Skill Shot Mystery awards are given according to the following rules (the same award will never be given back-to-back) :
- If 3x scoring isn't lit, light 3x scoring.
- If hurryup isn't already running, start double hurryup.
- Give a value increase award.
- If nothing else is available, then cycle between :
- Medium points (500,000)
- Small points (50,000)
7) Cut the Cards mystery awards are given according to the following rules (the same award will never be given back-to-back, unless it's the Keefer Invitational) :
- If Keefer Invitational is qualified and able to start (i.e. not in multiball currently), then start Keefer Invitational.
- If a multiball is running, and there is at least one ball in the trough,
then add-a-ball. This is only allowed once, but is re-enabled after every multiball started (add-a-ball enables do not stack, however).
- If a Poker Corner mode is running, then add time (15 seconds). This is allowed up to 3 times for each mode.
- If 3x scoring isn't lit, then light 3x scoring.
- If none of the above are currently available, then cycle through the following 3 sets of awards (if nothing in a set is available, then skip to the next set) :
- Instant award, which cycles through (in order, skipping unavailable awards) :
- Raise bars, if Ace in the Hole multiball hasn't been played yet.
- Advance Texas Holdem, if available.
- Award side pot, if the value is at least 500,000.
- Spot chip trick, if the rule is available.
- Start double hurryup, if the rule is available and a hurryup isn't already running.
- Value increase award
- Hold award, if not the last ball.
- If nothing can be given without repeating, then cycle between :
- Medium points (500,000)
- Small points (50,000)
- Special is NOT lit for starting Poker Hand Multiball.
System Changes :
- Power-up display effect now lists languages built into the game image.
- Cleaned up the "set date/time" utility.
- Cleaned up the custom pricing utility.
- Fixed display of burn-in time when it went above 24 hours.
- Fixed credit pricing for Croatia.
- Some diagnositcs menu icons changed around.
- Fix for French electric coin mechs implemented (ignore coin switches for 2 seconds after powerup).
- Player language select implemented.
- Language names in the language adjustment are now in their native language.
- Cleaned up the custom message utility.
- Fixed the knocker firing forever if the replay award was CREDIT and a replay was awarded with the maximum number of credits already on the game.
- Fixed ball search not starting at game over when no balls were in the trough.
- Fixed an issue that could possibly cause the bonus effect to be shown twice.
- Both flippers pressed together during attract mode now show the last game's score.
- Attract mode now shows game socres, replay, and high scores multiple times before showing other stuff.
- Fixed some sound clipping issues.
- Service Menu display effect now shows the game version, system version, and hardware version.
- Fixed game restarts during bonus starting a new game on ball 2.
- Game can now start during the match effect.
- Fixed auto-plunger kicking after a game was restarted on ball 2 with a ball
in the shooter lane after it was plunged.
- Fixed gameplay ball serve interfering with "clear balls" test when the test was started during a game.
- Removed DUMP and UPDT menus from USB for game images.
- Sound added for tilt warning.
- Fixed tournament game "you have qualified" messages not fitting on the screen.
- Replay and bump'n'win score targets added to the score background.
- Fixed a problem where flippers, slings, and pops would be turned off when entering the test menu during bonus count.
- Fixed code updates messing up the player cash won amount for previous tournaments (but only for tournaments started on this code or later).
- Dedicated switches now scanned every 1ms instead of every 1/4ms.
- Ball saver grace period time extended.
- Coin switches now take longer to debounce to clean up noise issues.

REVISION 1.12 - 15-Nov-2006
WPT Changes :
- Added some speech for combos.
- Added Spin-a-Card choreography.
System Changes :
- Fixed problem with flippers not refiring when EOS reclosed and the flipper button was still being held in.
- Added Standard Adjustment 62 : Coin Input Delay. This sets how long to wait to register a coin switch after it has been triggered (to help with French power-off issue). Range is OFF, or 30-60, with 30 being about half a second and 60 being about a full second. Default is 30.
- Tech alert cleaned up, and can now be accessed by the main service menu page by hitting + or -. Hitting enter on an alert will bring you to an appropriate test.
- Added Switch Alert test to switch diagnostic menu. This test will tell you which switches are marked as bad, and will let you change the status of switches. A marker shows up on the menu icon if there are switch problems detected.
- Endball now waits for Bump'N'Win effect to finish.
- Fixed issue with switches sometimes not registering if they were closing and opening quickly during switch tests.
- Pop bumper firing changed slightly.
- 50V/20V warning messages added to coil tests, flasher test, burn-in, and clear balls.
- Pinball missing errors now report # balls missing.
- Beta-Brite messages added.
- Issue with ticket notch switch not showing up in switch test resolved.
- Coin door ballsaver implemented.
- Added Standard Adjustment 63 : Lost ball recovery. This controls whether the game will serve another ball into play after it has determined a ball is impossibly stuck. Range is YES or NO, defautl is YES. Install Competition Mode sets this adjustment to NO.
- Numbers can now be entered into the tournament leader board.


Produced by Steve Ritchie Productions for Stern Pinball.

Designers: Steve Ritchie (SSR), Keith P. Johnson (KEF)
Artwork: Brian Rood
Software: Keith P. Johnson
Music and Sounds: Chris Granner (CG)


Game's ROM.