World Heroes [Model SHVC-WZ]

Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. published 26 years ago by SUNSOFT

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World Heroes © 1993 Sunsoft.

Eight invincible fighters travel through time to prove who is the mightiest of them all! Become the warrior of your choice- Hanzo, Rasputin, Brocken and more. Then enter the time machine for the battle of your life. Or pick your battle in the "Death Match" for a bitter fight to the end. It's all in preparation for the phenomenal final battle with a ninth mysterious opponent- nothing is known about this warrior!

16 megs of pulverizing power all at your command.
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Cartridge ID: SHVC-WZ


World Heroes for Super Famicom was released on August 12, 1993 in Japan.

There is a dedicated VS mode where players can choose a character, even the same character, choose from all nine normal or Death Match stages, and set a handicap.

Through the Options menu, players can change the button layout so that all four face buttons can be used. The LR buttons are used for throwing, Y and B for weak punches and kicks, and X and A for strong punches and kicks.

It was released after World Heroes 2, as a result, the alternate color of World Heroes 2 can be selected in the game at any time by pressing Start over the desired character.

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