Wolfenstein VR

V.R. game published 29 years ago by Alternate Worlds Technology

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Wolfenstein VR © 1993 Alternate Worlds Technology.

A virtual reality rendition of Wolfenstein 3D, the first-person PC shooter that inspired Doom and numerous other imitators, Wolfenstein VR uses a hardware system called the Reality Rocket, which was produced by Alternate World Technologies, the makers of the game. The cabinet is a sit-down unit equipped with a joystick and a stereoscopic head-mounted display. In a mission to assassinate Hitler and effectively stop World War II, players roam around labyrinthine hallways, shooting Nazis and avoiding being shot, just like in the original. Although the game uses bit-mapped graphics with full-color texture mapping (as opposed to the more standard polygon graphics found in most VR games), the virtual reality effect is suitably immersible.


Reality Rocket hardware

Type of Interface: imersive HMD
Physical Posture: 2 models: sit down and stand-up versions
Motion of the platform: none
Computer platform: 486 based PC compatible
Type of display: liquid image MRG2 HMD
Tracking: Polhemus
Unit description: Stand Alone Pod

Controls: 8-way joystick


Alternate Worlds Technology later became Virtual Reality Entertainment.


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