Wolfenstein 3D [Model J9028]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 28 years ago by Atari

Wolfenstein 3D [Model J9028] screenshot

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Wolfenstein 3D © 1994 Atari Corp.

Episode One: Escape from Wolfenstein 3-D

As William J. B.J. Blazkowicz, you are the Allies' only hope. From martial arts to espionage, you're a terminal action seeker. Known as the one-man strike team, you now report directly to the President, who sends you on perilous missions of paramount importance. Somehow you always manage to get the job done and get out alive... If you couldn't bench press 450 pounds the way most people lift a toothpick, you couldn't wear all the medals on your uniform.


Game ID: J9028


[FR] September 1994, Consoles + N.35: 93%


- Every level has hidden stuff. Not only could you use all those power-up items, but you can get a nice bonus for finding all of them, too.
- Your captors may be rude hosts, but they would never hide anything that would be necessary to escape. Keys and elevators can always be reached through non-hidden passages.
- Pushwalls are usually in alcovers, corners, or the ends of hallways. (But not always!)
- The doors and walls are not completely soundproof. Firing your weapon is likely to bring nearby guards running towards you.
- Don't stay in a doorway with the guards in the room beyond. if you do, they can easily sneak up from the side and shoot you.
- The close you are, the more damage you can inflict.

* CHEATS (during game play, unless otherwise noted):
God Mode = 4,6,6,8
Full Inventory = 4,9,9,6
Next Level = 4,7,8,6
Previous Level = 4,6,9,6
Floor/mission menu = 1+3+7+9 (at main menu)

* EASTER EGGS (during game play, unless otherwise noted):
Music Menu = # (at 'Ball' title screen)
Refresh Info = 4,8,8,7


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