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Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger [Model SLUS-00019/00134~6]

Sony PlayStation game published 23 years ago by Electronic Arts

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger © 1996 Electronic Arts.


CD1 ID: SLUS-00019
CD2 ID: SLUS-00134
CD3 ID: SLUS-00135
CD4 ID: SLUS-00136


Released on March 28, 1996 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger [Model SLES-00074/10074/20074/30074]"
[JP] "Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger [Model SLPS-00477~80]"


Executive Producer: Paul Grace, Dallas Snell
Producer: Michael Kosaka
Assistant Producer: Phil Engstrom, Ana Moreno
Development Leaders: Nana Wallace, Scott Cronce
Programming: Steven Coallier, Kenneth L. Hurley, Trevor Jalowitz, Kurt Schallitz, Carolyn Wales
Graphics: Laura R. Bowen, Nicholas Corea, Gary Martin, Michael Shirley
Audio: Tony Berkeley, Ken Felton, Rob Hubbard, Don Veca, David Whittaker
Video: Jeni Day, Ken Dyke, Eric Kornblum, Jeffrey Litz

Electronic Arts Product Support, San Mateo
Game Testers: Daniel Breiz, Alex DiRicco, Tony Easley, Phil Engstrom, Michael A. Lubuguin, Donald Rottiers, Rick Andrakin, Ben Lopez, Chris Bennett, Mike Silva, Joanna Pataki, Steve Imes

ORIGIN Product Support
Product Support Manager: Kay Gilmore
QA Supervisor: Evan Brandt
QA Project Leader: Christian Primozich
Translations Liaison: David Abelt
Game Testers: James Flores, Sam Arnold, Chuck Lupher, Grant McDaniel, Kirk Watson, Ron Blancarte, Allen Jackson

ORIGIN Marketing
Product Manager: Galen Svanas
Documentation: Tuesday Frase
Editing: David Ladyman
Document Translation: Isabelle Rice, Anja Rumbarger
Packaging Design: Trey Hermann, Robin McShaffry
Document Design: Catherine Cantieri

Game's CD.