Williams Arcade Classics

PC/MS-Windows CD published 26 years ago by Williams Ent., Inc.

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Williams Arcade Classics (c) 1995 Williams Entertainment, Incorporated.

Compilation of 6 arcade classics:
"Defender" (1980)
"Stargate" (1981) as 'Defender II'
"Bubbles" (1982)
"Joust" (1982)
"Robotron: 2084" (1982)
"Sinistar" (1982)


Williams Arcade Classics was first released in 1995 in North America for PC's running DOS and Windows 3.1. It was then re-released in 1996 specifically for Windows 95, although the DOS version remained intact in the re-release.

Starting with this arcade collection, and continuing with all subsequent arcade compilation releases for all platforms, "Stargate" had to officially be retitled 'Defender II' for legal reasons.


Developed by : Digital Eclipse


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