Wild Cycle

Coin-op Misc. game published 54 years ago by Allied Leisure Industries, Inc.

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Wild Cycle © 1970 Allied Leisure.

An answer to Chicago Coin's Speedway, this featured a motorcycle instead of a car. Ride your bike on a projected course while rocking out to groovy tunes that are pumped out via 8-track. Features 2 courses, Novice and Daredevil.

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Released in April 1970.

One of the first games to incorporate force feedback into the controls, the handlebars rumbling when you would crash. The handlebars also featured two real gauges.

The game came with an 8-track tape to play the music but operators could easily swap this out for any tape they wanted.

This was so successful that two other manufacturers attempted to buy Allied out but they declined, opting to continue producing games on their own.