Who Wants to be a Legionnaire? [Model PR7120]

Fruit Machine published 19 years ago by Bell-Fruit Games

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Who Wants to be a Legionnaire? © 2000 Bell-Fruit Games.

There are 3 reels in the basic game. The feature entry is via an 8-stage trail, leading into the hilo trail. As well as this, nudges, reel wins etc, there is a 'wheel' symbol on the third reel. If this lands on the winline, the player is awarded a spin of the 'Sunny Money' disc on the top glass. The resulting win takes the player into the Hilo.

Also, if there are any numbers on the trail, and trail held is lit, then the 'Hilo Active' panel may be lit. The player can then guess hi/lo to increase the trail by one for each successful guess. An incorrect guess clears down the trail and cancels holds.


[Model PR7120]

Scorpion 4


Who Wants to be a Legionnaire? was released in July 2000.

The game was produced by Bell fruit and was used by many roadside service stations throughout the UK. The game was only produced for two years and was only produced for one company that runs over 30 service stations within the UK. Which is why it in now a very rare game.


* Collect trail gamble at position 4 and you'll get another bonus
* Cash knockouts work on the cash values remaining in the cash trail
* Remember your holds are still there if you don't lose the 'Hilo Active' gamble.
* Use the Cancel button, sometimes it can help you.
* Use your nudges to get the best position, before taking 'Step to Nearest Win'.

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