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WHO dunnit - A Murder Mystery [Model 50044]

Pinball published 29 years ago by Midway Mfg. Co.

Listed in MAME

WHO dunnit - A Murder Mystery © 1995 Midway.


Midway WPC-Security
Model Number : 50044

CPU : Motorola M6809 @ 2 MHz
Sound CPU : ADSP2105 (@ 10 MHz)
Sound Chip: DMA-driven DAC


Released in November 1995. 2,416 units were produced.


Date : November 1, 1995
- This is the first release of software for production of sample games.

Date : November 1, 1995
- No more bets of 0 million with a broken spinner.
- Jackpots are now equalized in Tournament Mode.
- Fixed a text wrapping problem in Interrogate Suspect display.
- Added German translations.

Date : November 10, 1995
- This is the release of software for production.
- Extra ball will never show up in the center slot machine if if extra balls are turned off.
- Added sounds to the sound test.
- Made TAXI skill shot never go backwards.
- The sewer speech is longer stepped on by other sounds.
- If a ball drains out the right side lit for FREE SPIN and AUTOFIRE is active; the ball will no longer return to play prematurely.
- If someone activates 3D mode it will now go off at GAME OVER.
- The jackpot maxes at 250 million now.
- The game will no longer try to stage a ball during THE ROOF.
- Ball search now kicks in if the player pushes the start button and a ball is missing.
- If the player is flipping the flipper then the LAUNCH BALL message is postponed.
- Added French translations.
- Removed extra speech call when a player moves into 4th place after losing at roulette.
- Slot reels are not as sensitive giving an error message.

Date : April 8, 1996
- This version works for both German and English speech (Separate sound ROMs are necessary).
- Midnight Madness champion is not shown if tournament mode is ON.
- On some games, the autoplunger would kick one or two times at powerup. This has been fixed.
- Ball search kicks out the staged ball on third pass or during game over.
- Novice mode auditting corrected to fix the ball time audit.
- Reduced the duty cycle on the autofire lamp, to extend the life of the flasher.
- Enter initials display sometimes did not show the alphabet at the bottom of the screen. This has been fixed.
- Max multiball jackpot boosted to 500 million.
- Up/down 3-bank now resets correctly.
- Improved response time on spinner scoring.
- Suppressed ball search during staged ball initialization (a message is displayed if Start is pressed during this time).

Date : May 8, 1996
- Enabled French language text.
- Fixed the Ball Saves adjustment so that ball saves can be turned off.
- Eliminated spurious autoplunger firing at power up.
- Extended buy-in timer if money is inserted at the end of the timer.


Start a game just before midnight to enable 'Midnight Multiball'.
During Attract mode, with no credits, press the following sequence : B, 8L, 1R, 5L, 1R, 5L, 1R, 6L, 2R

Tournament Mode : press and hold both flipperbuttons for about 5 seconds during attract mode, then watch the display.


Concept: Dwight Sullivan (XAQ)
Designers : Dwight Sullivan, Barry Oursler (BSO)
Artwork : Linda Deal (L D)
Art Support : Paul Barker
Software : Dwight Sullivan
Lamp Effects : Mike Boon
Dots/Animation : Adam Rhine, Brian Morris
Mechanics : Zofia Bil (Z B)
Music and Sounds : Paul Heitsch

Nick Spade : Tim Kitzrow
Bruno : Paul Heitsch
Trixie : Gingi Lahera
Tony : Vince Pontarelli
Victoria : Rachel Davies
Butler : Ed Boon


Game's ROM.