Wheel of Fortune [Model NES-WF-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 35 years ago by GameTek, Inc.

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Wheel of Fortune [Model NES-WF-USA] screenshot

Wheel of Fortune © 1988 GameTek

Now you can play your favorite TV Game Show anytime. You're the contestant - compete against your friends or match wits with the computer. Press the button, hear the theme music; spin the wheel and win a fortune; hit bankrupt and lose it all. You get everything you see on TV - great graphics and animation, a colorful spinning wheel, and our very own blonde hostess to turn the letters. Even the music is authentic. There are over 1000 challenging puzzles to keep you guessing and if you're stuck you can always buy a vowel. Get set to spin... it's time to play WHEEL OF FORTUNE!

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Released in September 1988 in the USA.


Game Concept: Tim Stamper
Programmer: Paul Proctor
Assistant Programmers: Chris Stamper, Paul Byford, Joe Stamper Jr.
Graphics: Kevin Bayliss, Tim Stamper
Graphics Decoding: Samantha Howell, Rachel Edwards
Music: David Wise
Sound Effects and Technical Support: Steve Patrick
Producer: Joel Hochberg
Support: Carole Stamper


Game's ROM.