Wheel of Fortune

Coin-op Redemption Game published 9 years ago by Raw Thrills

Not emulated yet.


Wheel of Fortune © 2010 Raw Thrills.

To begin the game, insert the proper number of credits. Wheel of Fortune is a one-player game. The Start button is displayed on the touch screen. The player spins the dial to rotate the wheel.

Player chooses between classic WOF or Double Play game modes. A classic WOF game is an operator adjustable one- or three-spin game. Double Play is a three-spin game and all wheel values are doubled.

A word puzzle appears with a descriptive category. The player then spins the dial controller, which activates the replica wheel. The wheel slows and stops on a value. This value is awarded for each letter that is chosen by the player. The player selects a total of three letters. The tickets the player receives are based on the values of the total wheel selections.
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Height: 103 in. (2.62 meters)
front pedestal height: 37 in. (0.94 meters)
optional seat height: 28 in. (0.71 meters)
Width: 50.5 in. (1.28 meters)
wheel diameter: 36 in. (0.91 meters)
Depth: 82 in. (2.08 meters)


Game software developed by Play Mechanix, Inc.


v1.25 - v1.26
Internal Changes

v1.24 - August 10, 2011
No longer require a USB to Serial dongle for thermal printer
No longer attempt to update firmware of any connected FTDI hardware without a Raw Thrills ID This covers two types of devices:
1) Motor control boards that have had their firmware erased somehow
2) USB to Serial dongles

v1.23 - February 23, 2011
Country codes added
UK version support - different puzzles and defaults

v1.19 - v1.22
Internal Changes

v1.18 - December 15, 2010
Thermal Printer support

Internal Changes

v1.16 - November 29, 2010
Fixed bug that could cause game to hang
Added Top Prize Display adjustment

Internal Changes

v1.14 - October 29, 2010
Points per Ticket ratio displayed at coin in page using Wheel 1-G
Solve bonus for Wheel 1-G now 100 instead of 250
Display of tickets won more dramatic for Wheel 1-G
Wheel 300-I replaced with 200-J

Added Girl Display adjustment

Added Points per Ticket adjustment for Wheel 1-G

Internal Changes

v1.10 - August 30, 2010
Fix for wheel crossing home switch
Removed target payout percent adjustment
Added payout percent display to wheel select
Added Hand Payout adjustment

v1.07 - v1.09
Internal Changes

v1.06.06 - July 17, 2010
Added support for new wheel type
Added Ticket Divisor adjustment

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