Viva Football [Model SLES-00761]

Sony PlayStation CD published 25 years ago by Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd.

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Viva Football © 1998 Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd.

Viva Football is the most complete football game yet. Unlike the many other football games around, it is designed to truly capture the skill and excitement of the game. As such, Viva Football is a game of skill, where practice and enthusiasm will bring their own rewards. Every aspect of the 'Beautiful Game' has been recreated, with inch-perfect passes, one-time volleys, and intricate dribbling all available to the user.

To this end, Viva Football forces the user to think about what they are doing. International players weight their passes in order to create chances, this involves thinking ahead, and planning and timing every move. Viva Football recreates this with an advanced passing system that gives the user total control. Deciding the length and speed of the passes are down to the user, let's just hope that your player on the ball is good enough to make the play, Similarly, as you take part in Viva Football's many tournaments, your skill at hitting first time volleys or nodding on a glancing header will grow as instinctive as the stars of the real game.

Viva Football is the closest you will ever come to playing real football in your home. Featuring 1035 teams and over 16,500 players it celebrates everything that is great about the beautiful game, and allows users to recreate as many strong memories as the sport's great heroes have in the past. Viva skill! Viva Flair! VIVA FOOTBALL!!!


Game ID: SLES-00761


Released in September 1998 in Europe.


Developed by Crimson Studio

Executive Producer: Joss Ellis
Lead Designer/Producer: Simon Humber
Lead Programmers: Andi Eades, Richie Turner
Assistant Lead Programmer: Peter Johnson
Programming: Richard Parr, Leo Skirenko
Lead Artists: Simon Swift, Matt Butler
Artists: Simon Garrigan, Pat Beirne, Steve Martin, David Corless, Nick Gopolla
Sound Engineer: Lee Nicklen
Lead Researcher: Nick De Palma
Additional Research: Craig McCracken, Colin Gough, Daniel Hodgkins
Lead Tester: David Casey
Testing: Drew Waldegrave, Steve Frazer
PR: Simon Byron, Mark Ward
Marketing Product Manager: Matt Walker, Matthew Horton, Sophie, Chris, Aurelie, Marc, Concha, Javi, Tito, Marco
Quality Assurance: Llewelyn Ligas, Graham Archer
Virgin PR Manager: Danielle Woodyatt
Motion Capture: Ben Morris, Aaron Archer, Matt Brady, Lee Pearce
English Player Chat: Johnny Durnin, Adrian Whitbread
Thanks to Gillette, Daihatsu, Sybase