Visual Baseball

Arcade Video game published 11 years ago by Visual Sports Systems

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Visual Baseball © 2008 Visual Sports Systems.

Players pitch to intimidating batters in a simulated game environment. Strikeout and brush back the batters... but make sure they don't take you deep! A built in speed gun tells the players how fast they are pitching.

During the player/user session, the system's scoreboard displays the following data:
Velocity of each pitch
The number of strikeouts (outs)
The count on the current batter (balls, strikes)
The score (runs scored against)
The number of men on base

After the baseball simulation session, a report summary is displayed that includes:
The number of pitches thrown
The number of pitches that were strikes
Percentage of strikes thrown
The number of strikeouts during the session
The number of hits during the session
The number of walks during the session
The number of runs during the session


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