Virtua Fighter Remix [Model GS-9039]

Sega Saturn game published 24 years ago by
SEGA Enterprises

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Virtua Fighter Remix © 1995 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

An update of the original "Virtua Fighter" with higher-polygon models, texture mapping, and some gameplay changes.
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Game ID (original): GS-9039
Game ID (XBAND version): GS-7103


Virtua Fighter Remix for Saturn was released on July 14, 1995 in Japan. A Limited Edition version and an "XBAND" version were also released the same day.

[JP] Virtua Fighter Remix Sega Saturn Fighting Manual Complete [ISBN4-89366-406-9]

Known export releases:
[US] "Virtua Fighter Remix [Model 81023]"
[EU] "Virtua Fighter Remix [Model MK81083-50]"
[KO] "Virtua Fighter Remix [Model GS-9503J]"

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