Virtua Fighter Kids [Model 610-0373-14]

Sega ST-V cart. published 28 years ago by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

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Virtua Fighter Kids [Model 610-0373-14] screenshot

Virtua Fighter Kids © 1996 Sega.

Virtua Fighter Kids is based on the Sega Saturn conversion of "Virtua Fighter 2". The differences are mostly art-related : Virtua Fighter Kids' character cast are now drawn in a super-deformed style.

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Runs on the "ST-V [Sega Titan Video Game System]" hardware.
Cartridge ID: 610-0373-14

Players: 2
Control: 8-way joystick
Buttons: 6


Virtua Fighter Kids was released in March 1996.

Each character has a range of facial expressions not evident in "Virtua Fighter 2".

The game features some product placement : when Jacky wins a bout, he drinks from a can labelled 'Java Tea' - a famous Japanese brand name.

Toshiba EMI released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Virtua Fighter Kids Sound Tracks - TYCY-5520) on September 26, 1996.


Alternate Costumes : Hold UP and then select your character with any button.


Director : Makoto Osaki
Main program & Programming direction : Takayuki Yamaguchi
Scroll & Console program : Takashi Isowaki
Texture & Animation program : Takeshi Matsuda
Command & Test mode program : Shinji Ohshima
Enemy & Effect program : Norihiro Sekine
Motion program : Hiroaki Shoji
Character design & Design direction : Masataka Aochi
Stage & Scroll design : Ryoya Yui
Stage & Effect design : Saori Nishikawa
Stage & Title design : Masumi Uchida
Sound compose : Kazuhiko Kouchi
Publicity : Koji Umeda
Producer : Yu Suzuki


europe Sega Saturn (1996) "Virtua Fighter Kids [Model MK81049-50]"
Sega Saturn korea (1996) "Virtua Fighter Kids [Model GS-9609J]"
japan Sega Saturn (jul.26, 1996) "Virtua Fighter Kids [Model GS-9098]"
usa Sega Saturn (jul.31, 1996) "Virtua Fighter Kids [Model 81049]"


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