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Vigilante 8 [Model NUS-NV8E-USA]

Nintendo 64 cart. published 25 years ago by Activision, Inc.

Listed in MAME

Vigilante 8 © 1999 Activision, Incorporated.

Stayin' alive is the key to success in Vigilante 8, Activision's far-out approach to combat driving.

V8 takes place in an alternate universe where reversible bell-bottom slacks and gold medallions are still hot commodities. A devastating oil shortage has ravaged the American Southwest, resulting in a lawless free-for-all where the population is too concerned with survival to evolve beyond the cultural miasma of the 1970s. With faint disco riffs echoing throughout the landscape, super fly drivers push their vehicles to the limit in the ultimate demolition derby death match.

Activision has done a groovy job of capturing the spirit of the 70s, but this would be a great combat game even if it were set in the middle of the boring 80s. There are 12 vintage vehicles to choose from, each one with a satisfyingly stereotypical driver. The combatants are broken into two opposing groups: the Vigilantes and the Coyotes.

Depending on which character you choose, your mission will either be destruction or salvation. The Coyotes' focus on destroying the landscape, and the Vigilantes' goal is to stop the Coyotes. No matter which side you choose, annihilating the other drivers will always be at the top of your list. Each character has an individual storyline which unfolds throughout the game, and secret missions and drivers are unlocked as you complete each sequence.

Eight sprawling environments are immediately available for destruction, and three areas can be unlocked as you complete the quest mode. One of these bonus levels, Super Dreamland 64, is exclusively available in the N64 version of the game. Even though the explosive action is far from realistic, the Expansion Pak-powered graphics are incredibly lifelike.

Each of the 13 levels is based on a different Southwestern theme, and you can blow up almost anything you see. Since your opponents can be damaged by falling debris, the environments themselves are potential weapons. Special power-ups can be found inside buildings and on rooftops, so if it looks suspicious, blow it up.

Just like disco dancing or fondue parties, Vigilante 8 is best experienced with friends. Two players can work together in the Quest mode, or up to four Tony Manero wanna-bees can enter a chaotic drive to the death.

High-powered weaponry can be found everywhere in the arenas, and each driver has his/her own special weapon. Old man Beezwax can surprise you with a stinging swarm of bees, while Boogie can overwhelm you with his bullet-spewing inflatable disco ball. One of the coolest weapons definitely belongs to John Torque, who can turn up the bass on his stereo to send a ground-rippling blast in all directions.

Backed by a soundtrack that'll make you wanna strut your funky stuff, V8 delivers more action than an all-night Charlie's Angels marathon. This Pak is destined to be one of the greatest party games on Nintendo 64, so you may need to buy a few extra bean bag chairs to accommodate your hustlin' pals.




Released on March 17, 1999.

The commercial consisted of a school bus dropping off a bus load of kids at a school then screeching off. It then presents shots from the game and later returns to the school, showing the bus on the back of a flat bed truck, riddled, burned and full of holes. Then it pans to the face of a girl who exclaims.. HOLY *BEEP* (There was also another version where the beep was replaced by SHIT). This was later banned after the Columbine Massacre and was thought to have conveyed a message of school violence.


(effect: PASS)
Alien Vehicle: GIMME DA ALIEN
All Endings in Slideshow: LONG SLIDESHOW
All levels and vehicles: JTBT7CFD1LRMGW
Invincibility: LIVING FOREVER
No Enemies Present: POPULATION OUT
No Weapon Delay While Firing: FIRE NO LIMITS
Reduced Gravity: A MOON GETAWAY
Slow Motion: Go Really Slow
Super Dreamland 64: DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Super hard difficulty level!: I AM TOUGH GUY
Super missiles!: MISSILE ATTACK
Ultra Resolution: MAX RESOLUTION
Unlock all regular cars: GANGS UNLOCKED
Unlock Sand Factory and Secret Base: LEVEL SHORTCUT

* Play as Dave: Beat quest mode with Chassey Blue and Slick Clyde.

* Play as Convoy: Beat quest mode with John Torque and Shelia.

* Play as Molo: Beat quest mode with Loki and Houston 3.

* Play as Sid Burn: Beat quest mode with Boogie and Beezwax.

* Play as Y the Alien: Beat quest mode with the 4 secret characters.

* Unlock Secret Base: Beat quest mode with Dave and Molo.

* Unlock Sand Factory: Beat quest mode with Convoy and Sid Burn.

* Unlock Super Dreamland 64: Beat quest mode with Y the Alien.


Designed & Developed by:
Luxoflux Corp.: Adrian Stephens, Peter Morawiec, Jeremy Engleman, David Goodrich, Edvard Toth
Additional Art: Jennifer Engleman
Special Thanks: Adam Morawiec (for SyncRo), Pat Roberts, Mike Slack

Publisher: Activision
Producer: Murali Tegulapalle
Production Coordinator: Bryant Bustamante
Design Assistance: Hardy F. LeBel Sr.
Addt'l Assistance: Daniel Atkins, Scott Pease

In-Game Sound FX
The Audio Group: Tim Gedemer

In-Game Music
Straylight Productions: Alexander Brandon

Shell Music Track
Doxon Entertainment: Jeehun Hwang, Bon Harris
Music Supervision: Kelly Walker Rogers
Voice Over Talent: Paul Garnica, Qili Mag, Ralph May, Joey Medina

Slide Show Images
Equinoxe Digital Entertainment: Henry Cheng, John Grebas, Anthony Fung, Brian Heins, Aryeh Richmond, Sean Ro

For Activision Studios
Director: Larry Paolicelli
Animator: Larry Paolicelli
Additional Compositing and Graphics: David Dalzell
Video Post: Christopher Hepburn, Ken Ramirez, Matt Stubbs
Sound: Brian Bright, Michael B. Schwartz

Activision Studios
Senior V.P. of Studio: Alan Gershenfeld
V.P. Console Division: Stephen Crane

Activision, Inc. (Marketing & P.R.)
V.P. Console Marketing: Marc Metis
Product Manager: Will Kassoy
Marketing Associate: Serene Chan
Senior Publicist: Julia Roether

Activision, Inc. (Creative Services)
Designer: James Bridges
Copywriter: Veronica Milito
Production Artist: Ron Graening
Creative Director: Ron Gould
Documentation Manager: Michael Rivera
Manual Layout: Sylvia Orzel, Belinda M. Van Sickle

Activision, Inc. (Web Page)
Lead Design: Christian C. Casparian
Production Manager: Kelly C. Egan
On‑Line Production Coordinator: William Mull
Artist: Charles Hinshaw

Activision, Inc. (Quality Assurance)
QA Project Lead: Eric Koch
Senior Producer: Marilena Morini
Testers: Chris Galvin, Darren Harper, Rob Lim, Jeff McLean, Tanya Oviedo, Nelson Prince, Eddie Sarphie
V.P. QA/CS: Jim Summers
QA Manager: David Arnspiger

Activision U.K.
Sr. V.P. International: Bob Dewar
Managing Director: John Burns
Marketing Director: Janine Johnson
Product Manager: Michele Marchand
Localization Supervisor: Nicky Kerth
Creative Services: Jackie Whale

Interstate '76

Universe: Zachary Norman, Sean Vesce
Art Direction: Rick Glenn
Vehicle Models and Texture Maps: Gary Brunetti, Lance Charnes, Jeff Jorczak, Juan-Carlos Rodriguez, Paul Waggoner
Activision, Inc. Internal Visioneers: Michael Arkin, Kurt Arnlund, John Baker, Aaron Cammarata, Christian Campbell, Brian Clarke, Kevin Cohen, George Collins, Eveline M. Cureteau, Barry Dambrowski, Brian C. Diggs, Steven Elwell, Jason Feffer, Larry Galka, Judy Gates, Jason Gines, David Grijns, Ryan Higa, Adam Iarossi, Brian Dean Jennings, Scott Krager, Scot Kramarich, Scott Lahman, Malcolm Lansell, Samantha Lee, Justin Lloyd, Monica Loya, Thiane Lyman, Jonathan Moses, Jenny Park, Andrew Cooper, Scott Pease, Silvio Porretta, Mark Robertshaw, Marshall Robin, Steve Rosenthal, Chacko Sonny, Dan Stanfill, David Stohl, Elizabeth Storz, Matt Stubbs, Andre Torrez, Marc Turndorf, Daiva Venckus, Matthew Versluys, Trey Watkins, Dusty Welch
QA External Test Coordinator: Jonathan Moses
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Special Thanks: Dustin Browder, Sandy Burusco, Frank Evers, Jay Halderman, Sandi Isaacs, John Lafleur, Howard Marks, Heather Chandler, Zachary Norman, Stephen Schwarz, George Rose, David Silverman


Game's ROM.