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Viewpoint [Model SLUS-00033]

Sony PlayStation CD published 29 years ago by Electronic Arts

Listed in MAME

Viewpoint © 1995 Electronic Arts.

Challenges don't come much bigger than Viewpoint. Containing 5 enemy-infested levels, the game offers a simple aim: pilot the Byupo probe around obstacles while blasting anything that moves. Straightforward, you may think, but the huge number of dangers even on the easy level - eclipses even the very toughest shoot-'em-ups.

Scrolling bottom left to top right Zaxxon-style, the pre-rendered sprites are amazing, as are the varying backdrops. There are no unlimited continues or autofire: Viewpoint knows its arcade roots. You start and finish with 3 lives and 3 continues, all of which will be used - over and over again. A truly tough nut to crack, but a game you're sure to remember.

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Game ID: SLUS-00033


The game was rated K-A (Kids to Adults, generally suitable for all ages) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

Export releases:
[JP] "Viewpoint [Model SLES-00123]"


Visual Concepts
Lead Programmer: Paul Robinson
Lead Artist: Fred Wong
Music Director: Mark Chosak
Sprite Artists: Jason Zarubin, Victor Gerth, Nelson Wang, Ray Wong, Rima Litonjua, Heather Merrill
Background Artists: Wayne Herman, David Li
Effects Artists: Rima Litonjua, Victor Gerth
Cinematic Artists: David Li, Victor Gerth, Cameron Chun
Additional Programming: Ben Walshaw
Sound Programming: Yvo Zoer
Library Programming: Mark McCubbin, David O'Connor, Tim Meekins
Tools Programming: Paul Robinson, Jonnie Yang, Ben Walshaw
Technical Assistance: Mark McCubbin, David O'Connor
Product Managers: Gregory A. Thomas, Scott L. Patterson
Original Music Composed and Produced by: Mark Chosak
Sound Effects Design and Audio Editing by: Mark Chosak
Additional Assistance: Julian Liao, Omar Velasco, Leandro Penaloza, Brian Walker, Matthew Crysdale, Jim Belmessieri
Bass Samples by : Abraham Laboriel, Marcus Miller, John Patitucci
Additional Vocal Effects: Brian Silva

Electronic Arts
Producer: Michael Rubinelli
Assistant Producer: A. Marsh Gardiner
Technical Director: Ken Zarifes
Product Manager: Reagan Luntz
Documentation: Bill Scheppler
Documentation Layout: R. Lambing Design
Package Design: Michael Lippert
Package Art Direction: Nancy Waisanen
Product Testing: Michael Caldwell, Greg Kawamura, Curtis R. Cherrington, Cody Murry, Stewart Putney, Jeremy Strauser
Quality Assurance: Chris Baena, Rafael López


Game's CD.