Videomaster Strika [Model VM13]

Dedicated Console published 44 years ago by Videomaster

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Videomaster Strika [Model VM13] © 1977 Videomaster

A pong console from Videomaster.

Built-in games: Football, Tennis, Squash, Solo.


CPU: AY-3-8500 from General Instruments


Videomaster Strika (model VM13) was released in 1977 and uses the General Instruments AY-3-8500 chip. It has the same case as Strika 2, Visionscore and Colourshot. It has a few differences with these three models. Like Visionscore and Colourshot, rotary knobs are present on the unit and can be replaced by remote controlers, hence the two small jack plugs. However, these two models use a different game chip so the difficulty settings cannot be really compared. Strika uses individual switches to toggle the ball angle, ball speed, bat size and automatic serve. Strika 2 uses a single switch to set them to either pro or amateur. Strika can either work using batteries or an AC adaptor.