Videomaster Olympic [Model VM3-D]

Dedicated Console published 45 years ago by Videomaster

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Videomaster Olympic © 1976 Videomaster.

A Pong console released by Videomaster.

Built-in games: Tennis, Wall Game, Find the Gap, Grabbit, Trapper, Moving Target.

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Model VM3-D


The Videomaster Olympic Home T.V. Game (model VM3-D) came just after the Videomaster Rally and was an improved version of the Videomaster Home T.V. Game MKIII. Compared to the Videomaster Rally, it had only two additional features: the possibility to invert the first player to add a few more games, and an optional "wobble" effect on the second player to increase the difficulty. When enabled, the second player oscillates slightly verticaly. Scores were manual using two metal balls: each player used a group of fifteen moulded holes on the system case to register his score.


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