Video Pinball [Model CX2648]

Atari 2600 cart. published 43 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Video Pinball © 1981 Atari, Incorporated.

Pinball. The object of the game is to keep the ball in play as long as possible and to score as many points as possible.

Video Pinball has four exciting game variations. There are two games for one player and two games for two players. The variations are:

GAME 1 is a 1-player game. GAME 1 allows you to nudge the ball. Too much nudge will cause you to lose the ball (TILT) and any extra ball is lost. During GAME 1 the bumper values are accumulated for an entire game.

GAME 2 is a 2-player version of GAME 1. Each player takes a turn with one ball at a time. The turn lasts until the ball drains. Each player's score appears at the top of the screen with each turn. The left player is always number one.

GAME 3 is a 1-player game similar to GAME 1 except that the bumper values are not accumulated. The bumper values are reset with each new ball. GAME 3 is just a bit tougher than GAME 1. For a real challenge, try GAME 3 with Difficulty Level A.

GAME 4 is a 2-player version of GAME 3. Each player takes a turn with one ball at a time. The turn lasts until the ball drains. Each player's score appears at the top of the screen with each turn. As in GAME 2, the left player starts the game.


Model CX2648


Export releases:
[PAL] "Video Pinball [Model CX2648P]"

1 point each time the ball hits the spinner.
100 times their current value. The value inside the bumper increases time all of the diamond shaped drop targets are knocked down.
100 points each time a drop target is hit.
100 points; after hitting the ATARI rollover four times, you receive an extra ball. Each time it rolls over, the bonus multiplier increases by one. Only one extra ball can be awarded with each turn. The number of ATARI rollovers hit is indicated at the bottom of the screen by one [Atari symbol] for each hit.
100 points each time it rolls over. Its value increases by one with each hit. When the ball drains, you receive 1,000 points for each time it has rolled over, (up to 4,000 points).
This target lights up for only four seconds. It is located between the two lower bumpers. Each time it is hit, the screen flashes and you score 1,000 points.
The bonus multiplier is tallied at the end of a turn.
This rapid scoring is accompanied with a 'whirring' sound. When you have scored one million points the score rolls over and starts again. When this happens you do not lose the additional 999,999 points, they remain part of your score.

Tilt is caused by nudging the ball too much. When a tilt occurs, the top portion of the television screen turns red, your flippers are frozen, you cannot score points, and eventually the ball is lost through a drain. If an extra ball was earned before a tilt, you lose it. You still retain the bonus earned from the left rollover.

Nudging can be very helpful in preventing a lost ball. If the ball gets too close to a drain, you can use a nudge to move the ball and prevent it from dropping down the drain. Nudge the ball by holding the red controller button down whilst pushing the joystick in the direction you want the ball to go. You can also use a nudge to help score points by nudging the ball towards a rollover or target.

Use the flippers to maneuver the ball so that it rebounds off a playfield device (bumper, rollover etc.), and then moves toward a specific target.

Experiment with the plunger. Try pulling it halfway back, or all the way back, or anywhere in between. You might find you have better control over the ball with a particular plunger setting. Sometimes, a combination of plunger setting and nudging will help send the ball in the direction of the ATARI rollover.


Programmer: Bob Smith


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