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Veigues - Tactical Gladiator [Model JC63005]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 34 years ago by Victor Musical Industries, Inc.

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Veigues - Tactical Gladiator [Model JC63005] screenshot

Veigues - Tactical Gladiator © 1990 Victor.

Veigues is a side scrolling action game developed by Game Arts and published by Victor Musical Industries. In the year 2321 our beloved planet is under attack and the federal army decides to send its best weapon, the Veigues, to counter the invasion. The player takes control of a large humanoid robot and fights his was through ten intense stages. The Veigues comes equipped with multiple types of weapons. The weakest of all is most certainly the short range field-punch mounted on its left arm. Thankfully, its right arm is fitted with a laser-gun that can take down enemies at a long range and a machine-gun located on its chest can hit ground and aerial targets. The Veigues can also hover in the air for a short amount of time and the Vernier bar at the bottom of the screen indicates how long the mech can fly above the ground. In addition, the mech has the incredibly ability to recharge its protective shield. A boss awaits at the end of each action stage and awards the Veigues with experience points when defeated. These points can be used to upgrade any part of the mech or improve its Shield or Vernier ability.

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HuCARD ID: JC63005


Released on June 15, 1990 in Japan for 6700 Yen.

Veigues was originally released for the PC-8801mkII Japanese computer in 1988. The game features a fairly long animated introduction sequence unlike this PC Engine version.


Game Design: Masatoshi Azumi
Main Program: Hiroshi Nakamura
Sub Program: Kobito-San
Graphic Design: Hidenobu Takahashi, Masatoshi Azumi
Music Arrange: Satoru Yoshikawa
Sound System: Heropin Universal
System Cooperator: Hidenobu Takahashi
Game Adviser: Nao Morikuma
Music-Sound Adviser: Tadashi Shimayama
Enemy Dance Director: Lucky Anzu, Viderin-Naomi-Chan, Sum Harada, Swan Nakamura, Satomi Miya, Nekos, Dora, J. M. Kim, Tamarin Inde
Tool Support: Masas, J. M. Kim, Heropin Universal

Program: Nao Morikuma
Game Design: Nao Morikuma, Masatoshi Azumi
Scenario Writer: Masaru Takeuchi
Graphic Design: Masatoshi Azumi
Mechanic Design: Tsuyoshi Tanaka, Masatoshi Azumi
Music Composer: Mecano Associates
Music System: Tadashi Shimayama, Hiromi Ohba
Producer: Masaru Yoshioka, Youichi Miyaji, Satomi Miya


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;