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Arcade Video game published 46 years ago by US Billiards, Inc.

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Variety © 1978 U.S. Billiards.

U.S. Billiards license of Elcon's "Blockbuster [Cocktail table model]".

An up-to-4 players, multiple video games, cocktail table.

BREAK IN (1 player)
TENNIS (2 or 4 players)
SOCCER (2 players)
WIPE CLEAN (1 player)
GRAVITY BALL (2 or 4 players)


Dimensions :
Inches : 42 x 30 x 30
Centimeters : 107 x 76 x 76

Weight : 125 lbs / 275 Kgs.


This was the first time a joystick was used to control the game tennis racket so it could go, not only up and down, but also forward and back (left and right) on the tv monitor screen. This was designed by John Wilbur, who also licensed it to Meadows Game who made 'Flim Flam'.


Designed by: John Wilbur


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