Valkyrie no Densetsu [Model NC90006]

A 28-year-old NEC PC-Engine Game by NAMCO

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????????? © 1990 Namco, Limited.

(Valkyrie no Densetsu)

Valkyrie no Densetsu is an action/adventure game by Namco and conversion of the arcade game of the same name. A cute and courageous young Valkyrie is sent from heaven to save the country of Marvel Land. She is accompanied by Sandora, a green looking creature from the Sandora clan who is on a long journey in search of the Golden Seed, a magical artifact capable of granting all wishes. But the seed has only brought chaos and disaster to the world and Valkyrie is given the mission to find it and to destroy it before it falls into the wrong hands. With her sword and magic powers, she travels through six large areas - from swamps to rocky hills, deep caves and creepy dungeons. Coins can be collected along the way to purchase various items and new weapons from shops scattered (and sometimes hidden) around the game. The extensive list of items ranges from additional health containers, healing herb, wide beam shots, drill shots, four-way shots and so forth. Each special weapon only come in limited quantities though and disappears when it runs out of ammo. Valkyrie can also use her divine magic powers to cast powerful spells such as the multiple-valkyrie, the bomb or one that makes her grow to an enormous size. The game has somewhat of an adventure feel to it and each area has its share of special events that need to be resolved for extra bonuses. Other stages feature hidden villagers who ask the valkyrie questions and right answers are rewarded with special items or spells. Later stages also have a non-linear structure to them and different paths lead to different areas to explore. The game is vast and a password system allows the player to continue an earlier game.


HuCARD ID: NC90006
HuCARD Size: 4Mbits.


Valkyrie no Densetsu for PCE was released on August 09, 1990 in Japan for 6800 Yen.

Valkyrie No Densetsu is based on an arcade game originally released in 1990. The PC Engine version shows some differences with the original arcade game. It has sadly lost the two simultaneous player mode - a second player could control Sandora (the little green character) in the original arcade game. Graphics were also a lot more impressive and featured some really neat scaling effects (for instance, after the first village, the valley in the background smoothly zooms out as our heroine climbs up the hill). The PC Engine also has small differences in stage layouts and some have been altered or shuffled around - however, the version also features an extra area at the end of the game and an exclusive new boss not seen in the original arcade game.
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