Urban Strike

A 23-year-old Sega Game Gear Game by Black Pearl

Urban Strike screenshot

Emulated in MAME !

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Urban Strike © 1995 Black Pearl


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* Level Passwords: At the main menu press 1 (to access the password screen) and enter these passwords to start from the corresponding level.
Level 1: KC2R7RCBNAH
Level 2: 8G4RQCGPC7B
Level 3: FEGQDEP32PB


Programming : Mike Posehn
Game Design : John Manley, Tony Barnes
Art Director : Julie Cressa
Implementation : Ross Wentworth, Erich Horn
Art : Victor French, Tom Lisowski, Tony Gascon, Ron Sacdalan, Walter Ianneo, Jeff Fennel
3-D Models : Tim Calvin, Terry Falls, Lance Armstrong, Peter Traugot
Additional Art : Kendra Lammas, Michael Shirley, Susan Manley, Keith Bullen
Sound and Music : Don Veca
Technical Director : Tim Brengle
Product Manager : David Sze
Assistant Producer : Michael Lubuguin

Foley Hi-Tech
Producer : David Foley
Project Manager : Susan Manley
Assistant Director : Antonio Barnes
Produced By : Scott Berfield
Directed By : John Manley

Programming : Michelle Elliott, Ed Kieckhefer
Graphics : Melissa McGowan
Project Manager : David Brain, Sr.
President and CEO : Ron Borta

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