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Ultrabox [Model JCCD0601]

NEC PC-Engine CD published 34 years ago by Victor Musical Industries, Inc.

Listed in MAME

Ultrabox © 1990 Victor Musical Industries, Inc.

A CD-Rom magazine featuring:
Love Horoscope
Kininaru Heroin (dating/idol)
Hot Games (Download and Magical Dinosaur Tour)
Gamen Victor (side scrolling action game)
Horse racing game
Astrology with japanese wrestler Rusher Kimura
Jan Jan Box (art and pictures from young readers)
PC Engine catalog (screenshots, game description etc...)
Atanamokiyoyakun ! (simple button mashing game featuring a lightly dressed woman)
Bomb Town Story (short animation by Toei)
UB64 (Puzzle game)
Chotto Eigo ga deki tanara (English dating game).


Game ID: JCCD0601


Ultrabox was released on June 15, 1990 in Japan. Retail price: 4800 Yen. It was never exported outside Japan.


Game's CD.