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Ultima - Warriors of Destiny [Model NES-UT-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 31 years ago by FCI

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Ultima - Warriors of Destiny [Model NES-UT-USA] screenshot

Ultima - Warriors of Destiny © 1993 FCI

The Avatar returns! Warriors of Destiny picks up where Quest of the Avatar left of; a self-contained game continuing the characters and challenges that have made Ultima the greatest series of role-playing games ever! Lord British has disappeared in the Underworld and the once-trusted Blackthorn has risen to power. You, the Avatar, hero of Britannia, and your team must rescue Lord British. On the way you'll meet hundreds of characters in panoramic lands; you'll battle the Shadowlords, horrible creatures bent on total destruction. But will you ever escape from the Underworld? Real role playing excitement!

-Developed by the originators of the award-winning, best-selling PC game.
-84 page, full color Hint Book included!
-More than 2 megs of memory; over 100 hours of game time
-Interacts with hundreds of characters
-Long life lithium battery saves score and play position

Sequal to Ultima Quest of the Avatar and Ultima Exodus, the Role Playing Game of the year!

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Released in January 1993 in the USA.


Game's ROM.