Ultima - Warriors of Destiny [Model NES-UT-USA]

A 25-year-old Nintendo NES Cart. by FCI

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Ultima - Warriors of Destiny © 1993 FCI

The Avatar returns! Warriors of Destiny picks up where Quest of the Avatar left of; a self-contained game continuing the characters and challenges that have made Ultima the greatest series of role-playing games ever! Lord British has disappeared in the Underworld and the once-trusted Blackthorn has risen to power. You, the Avatar, hero of Britannia, and your team must rescue Lord British. On the way you'll meet hundreds of characters in panoramic lands; you'll battle the Shadowlords, horrible creatures bent on total destruction. But will you ever escape from the Underworld? Real role playing excitement!

-Developed by the originators of the award-winning, best-selling PC game.
-84 page, full color Hint Book included!
-More than 2 megs of memory; over 100 hours of game time
-Interacts with hundreds of characters
-Long life lithium battery saves score and play position

Sequal to Ultima Quest of the Avatar and Ultima Exodus, the Role Playing Game of the year!




Released in January 1993 in the USA.

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