A 39-year-old Computer by Compukit

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UK101 © 1979 Compukit.

The Compukit UK101 microcomputer was a kit clone of the Ohio Scientific Superboard II single-board computer, with a few enhancements for the UK market.


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The UK101 design was published in Practical Electronics, a popular hobbyists magazine at the time. The August, September, October and November 1979 issues carried the four parts of the article, authored by Dr A. A. Berk. Later issues of the magazine contained information on modifications and additions to the machine, including a series of articles on building an expansion unit.

Kits of parts for building the machine were available from CompShop Ltd of 14 Station Road, New Barnet (North London). It is thought that around 5000 kits were produced.

Machine's bios.