UFO Stomper

A 11-year-old Arcade Video Game by Triotech Amusement

UFO Stomper screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


UFO Stomper © 2007 Triotech Amusement.

UFO Stomper is a revolution in interactive coin-op gaming with 10 multiplayer games featuring funny aliens and many other original characters! It features a world's first interactive floor with instant action feedback and a PATENT PENDING shadow-free floor projection system.
* Interactive Floor with instant reaction (proprietary floor sensors)
* PATENT PENDING double projection system with SHADOW FREE technology
* Huge UFO Model (diameter 9 feet) will make this your CENTER ATTRACTION!
* 1 or 2 Players
* REDEMPTION ticket dispenser (the winning player gets the tickets!)
* Spectators see the gameplay from all 4 sides
* Surround sound system with 4 speakers and subwoofers
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UFO Stomper the Arcade Video Game
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HEIGHT : 122inch (3.09 m)
LENGTH : 110inch (2.80 m)
WIDTH : 110inch (2.80 m)
WEIGHT : 600 lbs (270 Kg)

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