Tyrannosaurus Tex

A 1-year-old Nintendo Game Boy Color Game by Piko Interactive LLC

Not emulated in MAME


Tyrannosaurus Tex © 2017 Piko Interactive.

The game has over 20 levels each of them more difficult than the other. The game features a first person shooter gameplay which pushes the gameboy color's technical capabilities.

The Story of the game starts when about 2000 years ago, an alien robots spaceship crashed in the middle of the desert of Texas. The alien robots trying to find material to repair their spaceship stumble up on dinosaur fossils inside a cave. With their technology advancements and scrap parts from their crashed spaceship, the alien robots are able to revive the dinosaur fossils. They live in harmony for years inside an underground society, until some diamond hunter cowboys from the East Wood town arrive to interrupt their peaceful habitat.
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Originally an unreleased title, Piko Interactive acquired the rights in 2015 and was able to track a full beta version of the game in 2016.

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