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Arcade Video game published 41 years ago by Tatsumi Electronics Co., Ltd.

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TX-1 screenshot

TX-1 © 1983 Tatsumi Electronics Company, Limited.

TX-1 is a single-player Formula-1 themed racing game in which the goal is to complete three main stages before the time limit expires. Players drive a red F1 car and start each game with five rival cars, with other rival cars appearing as the race progresses.

The game utilises three screens to create a wide-screen display and takes place over a number of different environments, including night driving, snow-covered landscapes and green meadows. Players drive through tunnels when transitioning from one environment to the next and the game also features forks in the road, with players able to choose their preferred route. This was the first time such a feature appeared in driving games.

If the player's car collides with a rival car or road-side object while travelling at high speed, it will explode and vital seconds are lost until a new car appears. If a collision occurs while moving at lower speeds, however, the car will spin-out but not explode.

In-game race information is spread across the game's three screens. The main, middle screen shows the current stage, speed and time remaining, the left-hand screen displays the checkpoint map, all-time high score and current player's score, while the right-hand screen displays the number of cars passed, with a yellow star representing each passed car.

The stages and their location are as follows:

* First Stage: This stage must be completed within 70 seconds to reach the Extended Stage. At the checkpoint of the Extended Stage, the player will reach a fork in the road and can either go right, towards Spain, Monaco, Belgium, or left, leading to either South Africa, the U.S.A., Japan, or France.

* Extended Stage: This stage is comprised of Stages 2 and 3. Stage 2 must be completed within 60 game seconds and Stage 3 within 50 seconds. At the checkpoint of Stages 2 and 3, the player will again reach a fork in the road.

* Gran Prix Stage: This stage is comprised of Stages 4 and 5. Stage 4 must be completed within 60 seconds and Stage 5 within 60 seconds. The final checkpoint is at the end of Stage 4. At this checkpoint the player must go straight ahead to drive through Stage 5.

Goodies for TX-1
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The TX-1 Cabinet comes in 3 pieces that need to be assembled :
1) PCB'S/Controls/Monitor/Marquees/1 Speaker
2) Seat Assembly /3 Speakers
3) Top Header (Light Box / Side Marquees)

Width : 55 inches.
Length : 73 inches.
Height : 71.4 inches.
Weight : 650 lbs.

Main CPU : (2x) I8086 (@ 5 Mhz), Zilog Z80 (@ 3.75 Mhz)
Sound Chips : General Instrument AY8910 (@ 1.875 Mhz)

Monitors : 3

Players : 2 (Alternating)

Controls :
360 Degree Steering Wheel
2 Way Shifter (Hi / Low)
Pedal (Gas)
Pedal (Brake)

Tracking :
Steering Wheel - Optical 360 Degree
2 Way Shifter - 1 Micro Switch On/Off
Gas - Optical 360 Degree
Brake - Optical 360 Degree


Released in October 1983.

Licensed to Taito for all Eastern Hemisphere countries (except Japan).

TX-1 introduced a number of original gameplay elements to the racing and videogame genre. As well as the aforementioned forks in the road, other gaming firsts include:
* Slopes and hills for players to negotiate (hills did technically appear first in Sega's 1982 game, "Turbo", but this is the first time they were represented correctly and in true 3D).
* TX-1 was the first driving game to feature force-feedback, with the steering wheel vibrating during collisions.
* TX-1 was the first video game to utilise three screens to create a widescreen display. Taito would use three screens for their "Ninja Warriors" and "Darius" games a few years later.

Despite having graphics that look superficially similar to Namco's "Pole Position", "TX-1" is in no way related to that game or to Namco's follow-up "Final Lap" series.


TX-1's handling adopts a simulation-style approach. As such, extra care must be taken when cornering. It's a good idea to either stop accelerating, or gear down when entering a tight corner. If you simply try to accelerate through it, the car will skid out and probably collide with a rival car or trackside object.

If the car does enter a skid, stop accelerating immediately until you regain control.


1. TX-1 (1983)
2. TX-1 V.8 (1984)


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