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BASIC soft. type-in published 49 years ago by Creative Computing Soft.

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Twonky © 1975 Creative Computing Soft.

Places the player in a 15x15 grid. The grid contains an objective tile, 30 blocked tiles, 22 relocation tiles, 1 tile which completely regenerates a new grid, and a Twonky, which must be avoided. The goal of the player is to reach the goal tile, without getting caught by the Twonky. The player and Twonky move one tile at a time. The Twonky ignores all special tiles. The player loses if the Twonky gets within two tiles of the player.

The game is completely text based and the only way to find the special tiles is to stumble into them. The player is expected to keep his or her own map. The player can also try to fire at the Twonky with a ray gun. When firing the distance to the Twonky is shown. If the Twonky was in a straight line from the player it de-materializes, but also re-materializes at a new location in the maze. The player can use the distance output to determine where the Twonky is in relation to the player.


Originally programmed in October, 1975. It was then published in May 1977 as a type-in program in Creative Computing Vol.3 No.3.


Written by: Mark Capella