Twisted Metal [Model SCUS-94304]

Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by Sony Computer Ent. America

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Twisted Metal © 1995 Sony Computer Ent. America.

Deceptively simple at first glance, Twisted Metal is a rubber-burnin' adrenaline fix stuffed to the gills with playability. Set in the year 2010, it's a battle to the death on the streets of Southern California with the ultimate prize - any wish granted.

There's a choice of 13 vehicles to rip around the fully-interactive 3D environment, which allows almost unparalleled freedom of movement. Vehicle choice is an important part of gameplay, which is more strategic than first appears. Link Cable compatibility adds a new dimension entirely, and there's a split-screen racing option thrown in too. The rev counter's in the red so it's joypad to the floor for maximum action!

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Game ID: SCUS-94304


Twisted Metal was released on November 10, 1995 in the USA.

The game was rated T (Teen, it have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

Some development names: Urban Assault, High Octane...

Export releases:
[EU] "Twisted Metal [Model SCES-00061]"
[JP] "Twisted Metal [Model SIPS-60007]"


Sony Interactive Studios America
Producer: Allan Becker
Executive Producer: Andy Sells
Associate Producer: David Jaffe (as Dave Jaffe)
Assistant Producer: Hunter Luisi
Created and Designed by: David Jaffe (as Dave Jaffe), Mike Giam
Vehicle Sketches: Lee Wilson, Famous Frames
Dashboard Photography: Jeff Barco
Calypso Actor: Lance Simco
Calypso Photographer: Craig Incardone
QA Manager: Seiken Nakama
Lead Tester: Jose Cruz
Testers: Tobin A. Russell (as Tobin Russel), Bruce Cochrane, Aaron Koniak, Kimmer Kimzey, Glenn Waguespack
Very Special Thanks to: : Richard Robinson (as Rich Robinson), Kelly Flock, Brian J. Wiklem, Emiko Foss-Jaffe, Cary Libowsky, Hunter Crescell

SingleTrac Entertainment Technologies - Salt Lake City, Utah
Producer: Scott Campbell
Directed By: Michael Jackson (as Michael D. Jackson)
Director of Software Development: Randy Zorko
Technical Director: Mike Mason
Game Software Development: Steve Poulson, Travis Hilton, Jay Barnson
3D Graphics Designers: Ken Carlson, Jennifer Fortin, Pierre Dufresne
3D Graphics Tools: Russell Almond (as Russ Almond)
Sound Designer: Sandi Geary
Test Manager: Polly Harris
Consultants: Michael Badger, Kirk Baum, Bob Dawson
Network Manager: Brad Edwards
Testers: Nate Pendleton, Angie Bartholomew, Jon Marquette
Additional Artwork: Ondre Pettingill, Steve Kropp
Screen Backgrounds By: Christopher Liechty (of Crowell-Vernon - Salt Lake City, Utah)
Music Composed and Produced by: Chuck E. Myers (as Chuck E. Meyers), Tom Hopkins, Lance Lenhart
Executive Producers: Sam Cardon, Kurt Bestor (for The Pinnacle Group and Big Idea Music Productions)


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