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Twisted Metal Black [Model SCUS-97101]

Sony PlayStation 2 disc published 23 years ago by Sony Computer Ent. America

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Twisted Metal Black © 2001 Sony Computer Ent. America.

Deep within the mind and buried in the soul, lies madness in us all. A descent into darkness reveals the insanity where an unsettling silence looms on the brink of total anarchy. And there's only one way out: TWISTED METAL: BLACK. The eternally demented car combat series, TWISTED METAL returns in devilishly pure form. Designed and developed by the original TWISTED METAL and TWISTED METAL 2 team, the team often credited with creating and perfecting the 3D car combat genre TWISTED METAL: BLACK catapults players on a deranged journey through a world rife with horror and desolation. TWISTED METAL: BLACK challenges the mind with skill while engaging the heart with terror. Although destruction is at the game's core, mental and physical agility are required for the most creative kills. Take to the wheel of the most articulated, jacked-up vehicles and command the most insane set of rigged-up weapons yet. Rip through foreboding battlegrounds and nightmarish landscapes in a wicked world that is sure to bring out the madness in us all.

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BARCODE: 711719710127


Twisted Metal Black was released on June 18, 2001 in the USA.

The game was rated M (Mature, it have content that may be suitable for ages 17 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

Export releases:
[EU] Twisted Metal Black [Model SCES-50360]

[US] "Twisted Metal Black [Model SCUS-97179]" (2002)


Game Director / Lead Designer: David Jaffe
Designer: Steve Ceragioli
Project Manager: Linda Jo
Concept Art: Martin Mercer, Lee Wilson, Cecil Hong-Sik Kim, Steve Ceragioli
Music Director: Chuck Doud
Lead Sound Designer: Brad Aldredge
Original In‑Game Music: Michael Reagan (SCORPIO SOUND LLC), Gregory Hainer (SCORPIO SOUND LLC)
Additional Cinematic Music: Tristan des Prés
SFX Sound Editing: Brad Aldredge, Tristan des Prés, Chris Jahnkow
Cinematic Audio‑Post: Tristan des Prés
Additional Sound: Chuck Carr, Joel H. Copen
Director of Product Development: Allan Becker
Sr. Project Manager: Barbara House
Technical Director: Jon Steele
Director of Art: Shannon Studstill
Production Coordinator: Jessica Brunelle
Design Intern: Adam Orth
Special Thanks: Emiko Jaffe, Stacey Ceragioli, Kelly Flock, Allan Becker, Mark A. Anderson, Benjamin Harrison, binky & ali, bingo, Mike Giam, Tianyi Han, Paul Jenkins, Douglas Kelley, Jean Pierre La Favvi, Vincent Matthews, Marion Metz, Masa Ogawa, Joe Piechowski, Tobin A. Russell, Guy Slater, Mortimer (, Kent Wicklander (, Elliot De Aratanha (

Stories: Jeff Goldsmith, Unlikely Films, David Jaffe
Dialogue & Additional Stories: Paul Jenkins
CG Animated Movies: Foundation Imaging
"Paint It Black": Mick Jagger (Writer), Keith Richards (Writer), The Rolling Stones - Performer, Published by ABKCO Music INC., By arrangement with ABKCO Records

Cinematics Supervisor: Scott McMahon
CG Supervisor: Bob Estus
Editing/Compositing Supervisor: Jeffrey D. Vargas
Cinematic Production Coordinator: Gina Cafasso
Editor/Compositors: Gene Strocco
Storyboards & Concept Art: Martin Mercer
Concept Art: Shino Arihara
Game Shell Art & Transition Movies: Argonaut Films
Bonus Movie & Additional Artwork: Axion Films, Origin Studios
Storyboards: Stephen De Bonrepos, Collin Grant, Tim Holtrop, Jan Jensen, Manuel Plank, Steve Werblun, Steve Worthington

Voice Talent: Michael Sorich (Billy Ray Stillwell), Mary Fleming (Bloody Mary), Maria Brady (Dollface), Adam Segen (John Doe - WarHawk), Robert Ayers (Preacher - Cop #2), Katie Joseph (Raven), J. S. Gilbert (Sweet Tooth - No-Face - Agent Stone - Axel), Joe Herrschaft (Cage), Ian Axness (Taxi Boy), Jay Richards Jr. (Commanding Officer), Bill Glanting (Dr. Hatch), Paul Olsen (Scared Man)

Producer/Designer: Scott Campbell
Creative Director/Designer: Kellan Hatch
Technical Director: Randy Zorko
Lead Game Programmer: Steve Poulson
Game Programmers: Michael Badger, Pierre Dufresne
Game Shell: Michael Jackson
Sound and Audio: Wayne Gregoire
3D Graphic Lead Artist: Karl Loveridge
3D Graphic Artists: Corey Kruitbosch, Chad Liddell, Jennifer Fortin, Kevin Pulley, Yeon-Seon Kim
Animation: Jonathan Lars DeVore, Jeremy Spencer
Production Artist: Owen Richardson
Software Tools: John Crocker (Lead), Evan Christensen
Additional Programming: Kirk Baum, Bruce Woodard, Jeff Limback, Mike Schmidt
Additional 3D Graphic Art: Dylan Jobe, David Wright
Production Assistant: Angelic Quintana
Network Administrator: Mike Schmidt
Test Lead: Mike Snow
Testers: Brandon Montrone, Danny Webb
Special Thanks: Kelly Flock, Claudia Campbell, Ben Jones, Danny Webb, Axiom, Argonaut Films

Director: Michael Blackledge
Senior Manager: Ritchard Markelz
Technology Manager: Kevin Simmons
Project Coordinator: Fred Dodson
Core Manager: Mike Veigel
Usability Manager: Doug Damron
Core Lead Analyst: Kyle Zundel
Usability Lead Analysts: Masashi Ogasawara, David Paymard
Santa Monica Supervisor: Adrien Langlois
Analysts: Rocky Barreras, Jason Calvin, Aly Farrow, J. Cruz Garcia, Daniel Guerrero, Greg Hicks, Richard Kane, Vernon Mollette, Greg Nichols, Adam Orth, Monty Rimorin, Jabari Sims, Gary Valois

Senior Manager, Product Marketing: Susan Nourai Panico
Product Marketing Specialist: Grant D. Luke
Public Relations Manager: Charlotte Panther
Director, Product Marketing: Ami Matsumura-Blaire
Director, Promotions: Sharon Shapiro
Director, Public Relations: Molly Smith
VP of Loyalty and Channel Marketing: Marilyn Weyant
Senior Vice President: Andrew House
Product Marketing: Mark Valledor
Public Relations: Ryan Bowling, Tina Casalino
Promotions: Donna Armentor, Aimee Duell, Johanna Legarda, Natasha Mirosnkoff
Creative Services: Josh Bingham, Ed DeMasi, Ted Jalbert, Quinn Pham Le, Marie Macaspac, Ben Wallace
Loyalty and Channel Marketing: Jesse Caid, Michelle Freeman, Jonathan Ries, Cyril Tano, Steve Williams, Kim Yuen
Legal and Business Affairs: Brian Fukuji, Shelly Gayner, Kerry Hopkins, Michelle Manahan, Sue Nopar, Susan O'Driscoll, Riley R. Russell III, Mary Sanders, Diane Tucker
Special Thanks: Mark Allice, Shelley Ashitomi-Young, Gary Barth, Carisa Bianchi, Sevda Bulut, Pele Burgess, Claudette Castillo, Jeannine Deming, Brian Dimick, Chuck Doud, Ron Eagle, Butch Freedhoff, Jon Goetzman, Brian Hale, Heather Hampton, Jason Harris, Kaz Hirai, Jeff Hutchinson, Ian Jackson, Grace Kao, Julian Katz, John Koller, Chuck Lacson, Rich LaRocca, Neil Levy, Mike Meyers, Kaytie Mandell, Todd Moeller, Jim Moore, Glenn Nash, Frank O'Malley, Gregory S. Off, Michael Panico, Amanda Peters, George Richard, Nikki Robbins, Debra Robins, Maggie Rojas, Rick Rooney, Mike Rose, Jon Soto, Fred Swan, Jack Tretton, Joe Ward, Richard Watts, Dave Winding, Bella Wong
Package Front Concept: Steve Ceragioli
Package and Manual Design: Origin Studios SLC


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