TV Fun [Model 402]

Dedicated Console published 44 years ago by APF Electronics, Inc.

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TV Fun © 1976 APF Electronics, Inc.

The Model 402 features five built in games (Handball, Tennis, Hockey, Target Shoot, and Skeet Shoot). Of these, Handball and Tennis could be played in singles or doubles mode, and Hockey could be played in 2- or 4-player mode. Along with the two on-console analog controller knobs introduced with the 401, the 402 also includes two wireless controllers and a black plastic light gun. The 402 has different options than the 401, lacking the angle/bat size/ball speed, but adding in options for 4-player games, a manual or auto serve, a serve button, and light gun functionality. Digital scoring up to 21 points appears on screen, and the system offers color visuals.


Model 402
As with the 401, the 402 model is built in a faux woodgrain cabinet, and can be powered by an AC adapter or by using six C size batteries.


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