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Tux Racer

Redemption game (video) published 20 years ago by Roxor Games, Inc.

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Tux Racer screenshot

Tux Racer © 2004 Roxor Games, Incorporated.

You control Tux (or one of 3 other characters) as he slides down a course of snow and ice collecting herring. Sliding on ice makes Tux go faster, while sliding on snow allows for more maneuverability and sliding on rocky patches will slow Tux down. There are also trees to block Tux's path and flags for sake of marking out the course.

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'Tux Racer' was originally written by Jasmin Patry as a college project in 1999. He released it as free software under the GPL in 2000. The software was developed as a community project for almost a year.


1. Tux Racer (2004)
2. Tux 2 (2007)


Director/Lead Programmer : Jasmin Patry
Programming Team : Patrick Gilhuly, Eric Hall, Vincent Ma
Art Team : Richard Knowles, Mark Riddell


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