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Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Apple II/TRS-80 disk published 43 years ago by Automated Simulations, Inc.

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Tuesday Morning Quarterback © 1981 Automated Simulations.

Updated version of Tuesday Night Football.

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Game Design: Charles Anderson
Game Development: Jon Freeman
Programs: Charles Anderson
With Modifications by: Anne Westfall, Lawrence Doyle
Rule Book: Jon Freeman, Charles Anderson
Playtesting: Jim Connelley, Scott Engquist, Jeffrey A. Johnson, Joyce Lane, Marc Luber, Tony Sabado, Troy Sabado, Rik Wilson
Cover Art: Mike Dowdall
Layout by Two Hands Advertising (Fremont California)
Typesetting by Reeder Type (Fremont California)
Printing by W.H. Barth Inc. (Sunnyvale California)


Game's disk.