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TRON Solar Sailer [Model 5393]

Mattel Intellivision cart. published 42 years ago by Mattel Electronics

Listed in MAME

TRON Solar Sailer [Model 5393] screenshot

TRON Solar Sailer © 1982 Mattel Electronics.

Game is based on TRON, the Walt Disney Productions futuristic movie! You are the character, FLYNN. Your opponent is the tireless Master Control Program! Your only hope of returning to the real world is to destroy the MCP before it destroys you. To do this you must overload the MCP. In the opening game phase your Solar Sailer will ride intersecting beams on your TV screen. Recognizers and cannon-firing tanks will attack the Solar Sailer on its way to the MCP & the decoding phase. In this second phase you'll be involved with frantic decoding action inside the heart of the MCP. Points are won for shooting the Solar Sailer's attackers (phase 1) and for correctly placing digits into a display (phase 2).


Model 5393


TRON Solar Sailer was started by Don Daglow, but it was almost immediately put on hold when he was promoted to manager. A couple of months later, Keith Robinson picked up the project. As the drop-dead deadline of October 15, 1982 approached and the game was 25% oversize, Gene Smith was assigned full time to optimize the code while Keith (to Gene's dismay) continued to add features. The day before deadline, they finished a version that both fit into 12K and was pronounced bug-free by Traci Roux in Quality Assurance.

French, Italian and German translations of the dialog were recorded but never used.


Easter Egg: When you enter the access code on track one, append Keith's birthday -- 991955 -- to the code before pressing enter. He'll wish you luck before the next phase of the game.


Game's ROM.