TRON Deadly Discs [Model 5391]

A 37-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Mattel Electronics

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TRON Deadly Discs © 1981 Mattel Electronics

Score points by knocking out computer-controlled attackers with flying discs. Your task is to bring your man, TRON, safely through battle after battle. Attacking Warriors are also armed with destroyer discs. They'll come at TRON in wave after wave of three against one! You get them. Or they'll get TRON. Game difficulty increases dramatically in the later stages. 100,000 points is a good score. 1,000,000 points are entirely possible!


Model 5391


TRON Deadly Discs was in production at the same time as TRON, the Disney movie; the design for the game was based on storyboards and production stills from the film.

Deadly Discs fan Dave Warhol put together his own private version of the game, replacing the enemy warriors with the hot dogs from BurgerTime. He called the result Deadly Dogs. If you want to play it, it's hidden in the INTV Corporation release of Dig Dug: press 47 (4 and 7 simultaneously) on both hand controllers and press reset. The Deadly Dogs title screen will appear.


* Use BOTH hand controllers. Work the WHEEL with one hand (move TRON.) Work the FIRE direction keys with the other hand. (Fire TRON disc!) Remember, only one control at a time!

* KEEP one finger on the BLOCK button. Be set to make TRON crouch & duck a Warrior disc or set up a BLOCK.

* Practice BLOCKING! Blocks of Warrior discs coming at TRON earn the SAME POINTS as destroying Warriors!

* Always keep an OPEN door behind you for emergencies. A quick exit comes in very handy especially in the later stages of the game when you're fighting off BULLDOG Warrior or LEADERS.

* WATCH OUT for The Recognizer! IF he touches TRON, GAME IS OVER. Be alert for The Recognizer after you have completed a teleport and all Warriors have been swept from the grid!

* The Recognizer will defend itself with its paralyzer probe. You don't have much time to get off an accurate throw!

* KEEP TRON MOVING throughout the game. TRON will not move by himself. And keep an escape route open. Don't let TRON get trapped in a corner!


Design & Program: Steve Sents
Graphics: Eric Wels
Sound: Bill Goodrich

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