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Triple Play 97 [Model SLUS-00237]

Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by EA Sports

Listed in MAME

Triple Play 97 © 1996 EA Sports [Electronic Arts label]


Game ID: SLUS-00237


Released on June 24, 1996 in the USA.

The game was rated K-A (Kids to Adults, generally suitable for all ages) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).


Executive producer: Bruce E. McMillan
Producer: Steven Rechtschaffner
Associate producer: William B. McCormick
Assistant Producers: John Burk, Kevin Loh
Production Assistants: Wendell Harlow, Louise Read

Director of Product Development: Warren Wall
Development Director: Dennis Hirsch
Lead Programmer: Erik T. Kiss
Programmers: Jon Spencer, Chris Johnson, Eric Pauker
Additional Programmers: Kevin P. Pickell, Mark Gipson
Technical Director: Jay MacDonald
Lead Artist: Mike Swanson
Artists: Edwin Gomes, Geoff Coates, Lee Steg, Tony Lee
Lead Animator: David DeMorest
SGI Specialist: Craig Hui
SGI Supervisor: John Rix
Video Editor/Specialists: Taylor Moore, Deane Bennett
Stadium Fly-Throughs: Ground Zero Productions, Dimensions Edge
Motion Capture Talent: Dave Esquer

Audio Lead and In-Game Sound Design/SFX: Michael J. Sokyrka
Front End Movie Sound Design: Frank Faugno
Play by Play Voice talent: Jim Hughson
Music Composition: Hein Hoven (Rock), Rick Boston (Rock), Michael J. Sokyrka (Acid Jazz), Gerald Barnum (Roots), Doug Elliot (Roots)
Session Musicians: Brent Gubbels, Chris Grove, John Korsud, Pat Steward, Paul Baron, Ross Gregory
Additional Voice Talent: Cripsin Hands, Dino Dinicolo, Doug Hollinrake, Geoff Ball, Kathleen Daluz, Michael J. Sokyrka, Michiyo Sorochan, Serena Whitters
Speech Editing/Mastering: Gotham City Recording
Audio Engineer: Edwin Dolinkski
Additional Audio Support: Andy Teal

Tools And Libraries
Tools and Libraries: Rick Friesen, Frank Barchard, Chor Guan Teo, Sean Halliday
Audio Tools: Iain Macanulty, Rob Baily

Quality Assurance
QA Coordinator: Steve Livaja
QA Coordinator/Baseball Deity: Gary Lam
QA Lead: Brent Nielsen
QA Backup Lead: Josh Holmes
QA Testers: Adam Myhill, Avinash Narayan, Bruce Dunbar, Edwin Singh, Gio Corsi, Greg Williams, Jason Bone, Michelle Gagnon, Peter Dodson

Manual And Packaging
Documentation: David C. Lee
Documentation Design and Layout: Corinne Mah
Package Design: Corey Higgins
Package Art Direction: Nancy Waisanen
San Mateo Quality Assurance: Anthony Crouts, Barry Dorf, Jeff Juco, Chris Baena, Joe Adams

Title Sequence
Director: Steven Rechtschaffner
Production Manager: Rod Bellamy
Director of Photography: David Frazee
Digital FX: Northwestern Imaging & FX

Product Manager: Duncan Magee
Public Relations: David Dempsey, Keith Dundas

Special Thanks
Special Thanks To: Carolann Dunn, Dave Paterson, David Adams, George Ashcroft, George Samilski, Jacquelyn Walsh, Jim Capuano, Jim Kennedy, Joe MacDonald, Terry Lee, Yanick Lebel, Laura Luris, Roy Cooler, Mike Schechter


Game's CD.