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Triple Challenge [Model 8700]

Mattel Intellivision cart. published 38 years ago by INTV Corp.

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Triple Challenge [Model 8700] screenshot

Triple Challenge © 1986 INTV.

TRIPLE CHALLENGE is an exciting breakthrough in home video games: three COMPLETE games packed into ONE game cartridge. These games -- Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon -- have not been abridged; they are complete games with full rules, with multiple skill levels, and even with special features, such as letting the computer suggest your next move. Each game can be played against a friend or against the computer, who, you will find, is a very worthy opponent! Take the challenge!


Model 8700


Triple Challenge began as a quadruple challenge: the original concept was to put the four board games from the Mattel Electronics Strategy Network onto one cartridge. At the last minute, Reversi was cut to save money.

This idea almost died due to cost -- Chess requires 2K of RAM onboard the cartridge, which was found to be too expensive for INTV. Then INTV's executive in charge of procurement, Roger Rambeau, found a company that was stuck with thousands of defective 4K RAM chips. The chips did each have 2K of usable contiguous RAM. Roger bought them for a song, making the cartridge possible.


Program: David Warhol
Package illustration: Keith Robinson


Game's ROM.