Triple Action [Model 3760]

A 37-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Mattel Electronics

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Triple Action © 1981 Mattel Electronics

Take command of a fast battle tank and stalk your enemy in deadly one-on-one combat. Use the walls for cover, as you move fast into firing position. But LOOK OUT! During the battle the shells can ricochet... suddenly it's like being in a shooting gallery -- and you're both targets!

Take the wheel on a road full of crazies... you've got 100 miles to go. And it's not easy, as you steer around wrecks, get stuck behind a maddening crawler, cope with weaving road hogs! You can play this one alone and try to beat your best time -- or compete side-by-side with a friend!

The red baron himself never had so many chances for glorious battle. Put on your goggles and get up in the sky -- don't climb too fast, or you'll stall out and crash! When you get some altitude, you can level off and wait for the balloon to go up. Shoot it down! And watch out for the enemy plane... don't let him get you in his sights. Do some acrobatic flying -- right into a cloud!


Model 3760


At the beginning of the development, the game was called 'Some of Theirs', '5-in-1 Arcade' and '3-in-1 Arcade'.

A sequel, More of Theirs, was started by Rich O'Keefe but never completed.


Design/Program: Rich O'Keefe

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